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Cartridge Disk Removal; Care And Handling Of Cartridge Disks - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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5. The disk cartridge is sealed in a dust-free
titled, Standard Power-Up Procedures, step
container and must be opened for loading.
3b. No attempt to remove the cartridge
To open the cartridge:
disk must be made until the STOP indi ­
/ - - -
cator illuminates.
a. Slide the release button on the cartridge
handle to the unlocked position to
2. Move the cartridge latch arm (see Figure
release the bottom cover.
4-7) away from you, into the open position
and retract the latches from over the top of
b. Lift the cartridge handle to the upright
the cartridge that secure the cartridge to
carrying position while holding the re ­
the drive.
lease button in the unlocked position.
This will release the bottom cover on
3. Remove the inverted bottom cover from
the cartridge exposing the disk.
the top of the cartridge disk and set aside.
c. In removing the bottom cover, gently
4. Slide the release button on the cartridge
lift the cartridge clear of the cover while
handle to the unlocked position and lift the
holding the bottom cover securely with
handle to the upright carrying position
the other hand; having removed the
while holding the release button in the
cover, set aside.
unlocked position. This will release the
cartridge from the drive spindle.
6. With the latch mechanism unlocked, open
the latches on the drive to accept the
Gently lift the cartridge disk clear of the
cartridge disk.
spindle housing and replace the bottom
cover on the cartridge to protect the disk
7. With the name logo on the cartridge facing
from contamination.
towards the front of the drive, gently lower
and place the cartridge disk onto the drive
6. Lower the handle on the cartridge, locking
the bottom cover, and securing it to the
rest of the cartridge.
8. Once the cartridge is set firmly in place
lower the handle, allowing the cartridge
7. The cartridge handle may now be raised
hub to make contact with the drive spindle.
normally to the carrying position for re ­
The cartridge is keyed so that it cannot be
moval and storage of the cartridge disk.
incorrectly installed.
NOTE: When a drive is not being operated,
it is recommended that an empty
9. Take the removed bottom cover; invert and
Closed cartridge be installed on the
place it directly on top of the top cover of
drive to protect the fixed disk
the installed cartridge disk. If the bottom
from contamination.
cover is not installed, interlocks will pre ­
vent the drive from functioning.
Care And Handling Of Cartridge Disks
The following routine rules are the prerequi ­
Move the cartridge latch arm (see Figure
sites for proper cartridge disk handling and
4-7) forward, into the locked position and
close the drive latches over the top of the
cartridge securing the cartridge to the drive.
o Prior to installation, visually check the
If the latches do not close over the cover,
physical condition of the cartridge disk. It
the cartridge is not installed properly.
should be free of dents and nicks. Avoid
using a damaged disk.
Operate the drive as described in paragraph
entitled, Standard Power-Up Procedures,
o Keep disks clean. Handle with extreme care
step 3a.
as dust and dirt, especially on the recording
surfaces, can reduce the intensity and
accuracy of reading or recording signals.
Cartridge Disk Removal
1. Set the START/STOP switch on the opera ­
tor panel to STOP and proceed to follow
o Don't smoke in the computer room or near
the procedure described in paragraph en-
the device, but if you must, be extremely


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