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Vertical Format Tape Punching/loading; Tapepunching - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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Figure 7-11. Printer with Ribbon and Paper
Tensioner Installed
11. With ribbon installed, replace the paper
paper tensioner
block into position (see Figure 7-11).
12. Push in the paper tensioner against the
tensioner plunger knob indexing slot while
with the other hand pulling the tensioner
plunger knob out to allow slot engagement.
Once engaged, release the knob. Figure
7-11 shows rib bon
pletely installed.
and tensioner com­
Tape Punching
The printer may use either a six or an eight
lines per inch tape, depending on the format
desired. However, the vertical format tape must
be punched with the same spacing as the printing
that the printer will control. A six line per inch
punch and blank tape are supplied with the
To prepare a vertical format control tape:
1. Place the tape in the punch so that each of
the two indexing posts on the punch mate
with a sprocket hole in the tape.
2. Punch the desired Top-Of-Form (TOF)
location in channel one of the tape. Chan ­
nel one is the outboard tape channel corre­
sponding to the extreme left-hand cell as the
operator faces the printer from the front.
3. Move the tape through the punch, punch-
holes specified by the pro­
grammers' pencil marks on the tape.
4. Punch the desired End-Of-Form (EOF)
location in channel 12 of the tape.
5. To form the tape loop, grasp the ends of
the tape (as it rests in the punch) and loop
them downward to make the joint.
6. Spread a thin coat of glue on each surface
to be joined and press firmly together to
form the joint. The tape is now ready for
installation in the printer.
NOTE: If, and only if, all holes are
punched opposite sprocket holes,
the tape may be used for either six
or eight lines per inch vertical
formatting. However, TOF and
EOF should not be punched simul ­
sprocket hole.
Tape Loading
The Vertical Format Unit (VFU) is located on
the right hand side of the printer under the
machine cover (see Figure 7-8). The tape is
mounted on the upper sprocket rollers as shown
in Figure 7-12.
To mount a vertical format control tape:
1. Set the ac circuit breaker to OFF.
2. Raise the printer hood and pull drum gate
latch forward, swinging the drum gate to its
fully opened position as shown in Figure
3. Open the VFU cover (see Figure 7-12) and
insert the tape over the upper sprocket
roller with channel one (containing TOF
punch) furthest away from the body of the
printer (see Figure 7-12). The sprocket
holes in the tape must mate with the cogs
on the roller.
4. Feed and thread the tape through the read
station as shown in Figure 7-12.
5. Press VFU positioning switch once only to
ensure proper tape formatting (see Figure
6. Close the VFU cover, the latch drum gate
and lower the printer hood.


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