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Section 5. Diskette Device; Diskette Assembly; Functional Description And Characteristics - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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This section describes the functions, character­
istics, operating and maintenance procedures of
the DIU91 0 1 /91 02 Diskettes used with the Level
6 system (see Figure 5-1). The diskette is a
random access storage device with an unfor­
matted data capacity of 3,108,128 bits per disk
(40 1,016 bytes per disk).
of 256,256 bytes per single disk (3,328 data bytes
per track on a single disk).
The flexible disk is packaged in an eight-inch
square protective nonremovable envelope. Both
disk and envelope contain a center hole with an
access slit that extends from the center to the
respective outer edge. When loaded and operative,
the magnetic heads on the diskette come into
physical contact with the recording surface of the
disk. The envelope becomes immobile and is held
diskette spindle auto­
matically engages the disk and rotates it at a
speed of 360 rpm.
Figure 5-1. DIU9101/9102 Diskettes
Data is recorded on the magnetic oxide coated
surface of an eight-inch flexible Mylar disk used
with the device. The disk may be removed and
changed as application permits. Data representa­
tion is in ASCII code. User software can translate
from ASCII to EBCDIC to produce a diskette
that is compatible with IBM equipment.
Diskettes are available singly, or in a dual
configuration and interface with the Level 6
processor by means of single-board multiple
device controller (MDC91O I), and a Diskette
Device-Pac (Diskette Interface Adapter) and
power supply (DIM91 0 1 - one per two disk­
A diskette assembly may consist of one or two
single diskettes and power supply either rack
mounted for portable (desk top) operation or else
installed as a slide-in unit in a system cabinet (see
Figures 5-1 and 5-2).
Functional Description And Characteristics
The recording media of the diskette is a single
flexible Mylar disk with a magnetic oxide coated
recording surface of 77 tracks. Each track on the
disk contains up to 26 equal length sectors of 128
Figure 5-2. System Mounted Diskettes
bytes, each rendering a total formatted capacity


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