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Cartridge Disk Unit Operation; Standard Power-up Procedures; Standard Power-down Procedures; Cartridge Disk Loading - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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power indicator when lit indicates to
the operator that power is available.
The STOP indicator will also illumi­
nate (30 seconds after applying
power) indicating to the operator
that the cartridge latch on the drive
is unlocked enabling the operator to
either remove or insert a cartridge
position it sets the disk drive spindle
into motion, automatically locking
the cartridge latch and initiating the
start-up cycle of the drive. The STOP
indicator will extinguish and the
READY indicator will illuminate
indicating to the operator that the
device is ready for operation.
STOP position, the device will
cycle down and the drive spindle will
stop (approximately 30 seconds for
spindle to stop) the STOP indicator
will illuminate, and the cartridge
latch will automatically open.
W rite-inhibit
write protect switches for each disk
xed -removeable)
possibility of recording on protected
files (see Figure 4-7).
Standard Power-Up Procedures
Power-up is the transition from an unpowered
state to a fully operational state. Prior to power ­
ing-up the cartridge disk unit, it is assumed that
all electrical cables have been properly connected
and secured and that ac power is made available
to the device.
To power-up the cartridge disk unit:
1. Press the POWER switch on the disk drive
panel. The POWER indicator will light,
indicating that ac power is available to the
device. The STOP indicator will light ap­
proximately 30 seconds after pressing the
POWER switch, indicating to the operator
that the cartridge latch mechanism has
automatically unlocked.
2. Load the drive with a cartridge disk accord ­
ing to the procedures described in para ­
graph entitled, Cartridge Disk Loading.
3. Normal operation of the drive is controlled
by the START/STOP switch on the opera ­
tor panel.
a. Set the switch to START. The disk
drive spindle is set into motion; car­
tridge latch mechanism will automati ­
cally close and the STOP light will
extinguish. The READY indicator will
illuminate when the drive is completely
cycled up and ready for operation.
b. Set the switch to STOP when it is
desired to stop the disk drive spindle.
The device will remain online. However,
the drive will proceed to cycle down
and the READY indicator will go out as
the STOP indicator illuminates. The
cartridge latch mechanism will automa ­
tically unlock enabling the operator to
either remove or insert a new cartridge
Standard Power-Down Procedures
To power-down the cartridge disk unit:
1. Set the START/STOP switch on the opera ­
tor panel to STOP and follow the pro ­
cedure described above under step 3b.
2. Press the POWER switch. The POWER
indicator will go out indicating that ac
voltage has been removed from the drive.
The device is now powered-down.
Cartridge Disk Loading
1. Power-up the disk drive according to the
procedure described in step 1 of paragraph
entitled, Standard Power-Up Procedures.
The cartridge latch mechanism must be
unlocked in order to load the drive. The
to follow pertain
mainly to the use of the removeable disk.
2. If located in the system cabinet, pull the
cartridge disk drive forward; extending it as
far as it can possibly go out of the cabinet.
3. Set the write-inhibit switch located on the
drive (see Figure 4-7) to the desired disk
position (FIXED/RMVBL).
4. Prior to loading, visually observe and check
the condition of the cartridge disk. It
should be free of dents and nicks. Do not
use an abused or mishandled cartridge.


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