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Operation; Power On/off; Power On; Power Off - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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the next character to be displayed. The DKU91 0 I
uses the "bottom line entry" approach for the
display. The cursor moves only on the bottom
line of the display. The bottom line display
operates just like the print line of a journal roll,
i.e., a line feed causes the entire display page
(including the bottom line) to move up one line,
leaving the new bottom line blank, or clear. A line
return causes the cursor to move to the left
margin, at the first display position.
The following are the operating procedures
and specific user considerations for operating the
DKU9101 CRT Keyboard Console.
Power ON/OFF
The power ON/OFF switch is located on the
back panel of the CRT cabinet (see Figure 10-3).
The appearance of the cursor on the screen
indicates that the device is ON.
Power ON
Depressing the ON pushbutton applies power
to the device.
Power OFF
Depressing the OFF pushbutton removes
power from the device.
Brightness Control
The brightness control knob, located on the
back cover, is used to vary the intensity of data
images on the CRT screen (see Figure 10-3).
Rotating the knob clockwise causes the images
to become more intense. Rotating the knob
counterclockwise causes the images to become
less intense.
The key board is arranged in the standard
typewriter layout (see Figure 10-2). The follow­
ing are explanations of the special keyboard
The SHIFT key is used with any applicable
key to generate its associated uppercase character.
CTL (Control) Key
The control key is used to generate the control
function codes of the ASCII code set.
RPT (Repeat) Key
The Repeat Key when depressed simultane­
ously with another key causes repeated genera­
tion of the other key as long as both are
Figure 10-3. Controls and Indicators


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