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Controls And Indicators; Start Pushbutton; Stop Pushbutton; Ready Indicator - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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Controls and Indicators
1. Alpha/Numeric keyboard-Similar in appear ­
ance to a standard typewriter keyboard.
STAR T Pushbutton
Includes complete ASCII character set and
Pressing the Start pushbutton causes a transi­
associated special characters.
tion from the Standby state to the Ready state.
STOP Pushbutton
Pressing the STOP pushbutton causes a transi­
tion from the Ready state to the Standby state.
READ Y Indicator
The READY indicator, when illuminated, indi ­
cates that the device is in the READY state.
STANDRY Indicator
The STANDBY indicator, when illuminated,
indicates that the device is in the STANDBY
AC PRESENT Indicator
The AC PRESENT indicator, when illumi­
nated, indicates that ac power is present in the
OFF LINE Indicator
The OFF LINE indicator, when illuminated,
indicates that the device is in the Local mode (the
device is not connected to the Central Processor
for I/O).
OPERA TOR A CTion Indicator
The OPERATOR ACTion Indicator, when
illuminated, indicates that an out-of-paper situa ­
tion has been sensed by the device.
The keyboard associated with the TWU9101
(see Figure 8-3) includes the following groupings
of keys:
2. Numeric keyboard-Similar in appearance to
a standard numeric grouping of keys on an
adding machine. Numeric keys are func­
tionally identical to the numeric digits on
the Alpha/Numeric keyboard (same ASCII
3. The key grouping between the Alpha/
Numeric and Numeric keyboard is not
currently implemented.
4. The key grouping to the right of the
Numeric keyboard is not currently imple ­
Multicopy Adjustment
The Multicopy lever, located at the left end of
the platen, allows for the manual adjustment of
the platen in relationship to the print head. The
lever (see Figure 8-4) is designed with 5 individual
through 5) which correspond to the
thickness of the applicable form (single through
4-ply). The lever should be checked whenever
forms are changed or when the device is turned
ON to ensure the proper setting.
Form Loading Procedures.
Variable width forms can be accommodated
by the printer since the device is fitted with
adjustable tractors. The following text defines
form loading and positioning procedures (see
Figure 8-4).
1. Press the stop pushbutton.
Figure 8-3. TWU9101 Keyboard Configuration


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