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Ribbon Replacement; Ribbon Specification; Paper Specification; Operator Trouble-shooting - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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Ribbon Replacement
To replace the ribbon (see Figure 6-8), open
the front cover and loosen the Lock Knob on the
left side of the print head. Note the setting on the
Penetration Control Knob, then set the knob to
No.5. Open the side covers. Remove Caps from
ribbon reversing guides. Swing ribbon tension
arms clear of spools. Lift spools clear of axles.
Place empty spools (partially wound) on the
right-hand axle. Insert the ribbon through the
right-hand reversing guide and thread through
idlers and ribbon guides. Place a full spool on the
left-hand axle, assuring that the ribbon is inserted
in the left-hand ribbon reversing guide. Replace
the ribbon reversing guide caps. Close the side
covers. Readjust the Penetration Control Knob to
its original setting and lock.
Figure 6-8. Ribbon Replacement Diagram
Ribbon Specification
The printer uses a I-inch nylon ribbon
mounted on 3-inch diameter spools. The follow ­
ing four colors are available:
Part No. 63002293-01
Part No. 63002293-02
Part No. 63002293-03
Part No. 63002293-04
Paper Specification
The printer' uses continuous form paper with
standard feed holes on each edge. Paper widths
from 4 to 14-7/8 inches can be accommodated by
the printer. Using multiple-part forms, one
original and up to 4 copies can be printed, all
legibly. Paper weight specifications are as follows:
Single-Part Forms:
IS to 20 Ib
Multiple-Part Forms:
Original - 12 to IS Ib
Copies - 9 to 12 Ib, last
copy 151b
(Maximum of five parts)
Carbon Paper:
7-1/4 Ib with medium
Operator Trouble-Shooting
If the printer is not operating properly, see
Table 6-1 for possible source of the error. If the
printer still fails to operate properly after per­
forming the indicated action, then call for service.
The printer won't print and ON/OFF indicator is OFF.
Printer won't print, ON/OFF indicator is ON, but
ON/OFF LINE light is OFF.
Printer won't print, but ON/OFF LINE indicator
is ON.
Paper skewing.
Ink ribbon tracking problems.
Poor print quality (e.g., smudging or light print).
Missing dots in printed character.
Form feed or vertical tab problem.
Try the ON/OFF switch, check the power cord,
check fuses.
Press ON/LINE.
Ensure that front cover is closed, check fuses, ensure
that interface cable at rear of printer is secure.
Position the paper feed tractors and tighten the fixing
Make sure that ribbon is installed properly.
Adjust head penetration.
Open front cover and carefully wipe timing fence
with damp cloth. Caution: USE ONLY WATER
Check vertical format unit.


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