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Expansion Slots - Mitsubishi Electric APRICOT FT4200 Owner's Handbook Manual

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Expansion Slots

EISA Slots
The four EISA bus slots on the motherboard provide for expansion and
performance enhancement. One of these shares a common chassis I/O
expansion slot with one of the PCI slots. If you use this for an EISA slot, you
cannot use it for PCI.
The EISA bus, an extension of the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) bus,
32-bit memory addressing
Type A transfers at 5.33 Mbytes per second
Type B transfers at 8 Mbytes per second
Burst transfers at 33 Mbytes per second
8-, 16-, or 32-bit data transfers
Automatic translation of bus cycles between EISA and ISA masters
Interrupt sharing
Since EISA is fully backward compatible with ISA, you can install old or new
ISA add-in boards and software in your server.
PCI Slots
The six PCI bus slots on the system board provide for expansion and
performance enhancement. There are two on-board PCI controllers.
PCI bus one and two both provide:
32- and 64-bit memory addressing
+5 V signalling environments
+3 V supply arrangements
Burst transfers at 133 Mbytes per second
8-, 16-, or 32-bit data transfers
Plug-and-play configuration
PeerBus to maximise throughput
If plug in SCSI controllers are to be connected, they must be fitted in the lowest
PCI slot on the motherboard to avoid boot-up conflicts with the on-board
Video Controller
The on-board, integrated Cirrus Logic GD54M30 super VGA controller has
a direct 32 bit PCI interface. The standard system configuration comes with
1 Mb of video memory.
The SVGA controller supports only analogue monitors (single and multiple
frequency, interlaced and non-interlaced) with a maximum vertical retrace
interlaced frequency of 87 Hz.


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