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Upgrading And Expansion; Gaining Access To The Machine Interior - Mitsubishi Electric APRICOT FT4200 Owner's Handbook Manual

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This chapter explains the procedure for upgrading the CPU to one of higher
speed and also provides information on upgrading the memory. You can also
install expansion cards to increase your system's capabilities.
Your system can support up to four CPUs. They all must be of the same
speed and type.
Important Note
Important Note
This system has been tested to comply with CE marking and its strict legal
requirements. Use only Apricot tested and approved parts. Failure to do so may
result in invalidating both the compliance and your warranty. All expansion
cards must carry CE approvals.

Gaining Access to the Machine Interior

To gain access to the interior of the machine, you must remove the side
panels. The following illustration shows the securing screws and key lock
which are present on each side panel:
Figure 2-1 Side Panel Keylock and Floating Fasteners
To remove the side panel:
Refer to the SMA and note down the value of the TimeOnCharge
variable. This value expresses, in seconds, the remaining charge in the
UPS battery pack. Since isolating the battery pack (see below) sets the
TimeOnCharge variable to zero, you will need to reset the variable in
the SMA after you have completed the work and set the switch back to
the On position.
Power down the system to Standby mode.
Ensure that the battery pack is isolated (the circuit breaker switch on
the rear of the server must be in the Off position).
Disconnect the system from the AC supply.
U p g r a d i n g a n d E x p a n s i o n
Floating Fasteners


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