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Security - Mitsubishi Electric APRICOT FT4200 Owner's Handbook Manual

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connected to the SMC modem port on the back panel of the server. If
the modem initialisation is successful, the LCD displays the code 0000.
If the initialisation is unsuccessful, the LCD displays 0F4D or 0F4E.
LCD and then releasing them executes an independent SMC reset.
This would only be necessary if a major problem or error had occurred
in the system, which is unlikely.
If you do not press any buttons for ten seconds, the system returns to normal
UPS and Power LEDs
The UPS and Power LEDs indicate the state of the system as follows:
When this LED shows steady green, it means that the system is
powered by mains electricity and the batteries are fully charged.
Flashing green means that system is powered by mains electricity and
the batteries are in the process of charging. This will usually be the case
after the system has been without mains electricity, i.e. disconnecting
the plug or a power failure.
Steady amber indicates that the system is drawing its power off the
batteries, i.e. there is no mains electricity. As soon as mains electricity
fails, an alarm sounds.
Flashing amber indicates that the battery pack is about to fail.
Off shows that the batteries are disconnected because the circuit breaker
switch on the back of the machine is in the Off position or the system is
disconnected from the mains.
Power LED
Steady green means that the system is on and powered.


Your Apricot is equipped with a security system to help prevent unauthorised
persons tampering with the front panel buttons and gaining access to the
interior of the system.
Security is enabled within the System Management Application (see the
SMA User's Guide, the Event Manager User's Guide or the on-line help within
the SMA software). Once security is enabled, the key to the removable drive
bay door at the front of the machine serves as the security token:
If the door is closed and has been locked with the key, the screen is
blanked, the keyboard is disabled, the security alarm is activated and
will sound if there is a violation.
Unlocking the door unblanks the screen, enables the keyboard and
deactivates the security alarm.
- Pressing this button initialises the modem, which is
+ R
- Pressing these buttons simultaneously clears the
S e t u p a n d o p e r a t i o n


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