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The Flash Memory - Mitsubishi Electric APRICOT FT4200 Owner's Handbook Manual

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S e t u p a n d o p e r a t i o n
ECU Help
A help box is always available giving basic information on whichever menu
item is currently highlighted. More detailed and useful information can be
found as a simple tutorial in the first menu item, 'Learn about configuring
your computer'.
When you are ready to configure the computer, select the appropriate item
on the menu. Brief messages informing you of the loading into memory of
the configuration files will be displayed then you will be presented with a
screen similar to this:
Step 1. Important EISA configuration information
Step 2. Add or remove boards
Step 3. View or edit details
Step 4. Examine switches or print report
Step 5. Save and exit
Additional small information boxes may appear at the bottom of some
screens giving, for example, "press enter to select" or "press 'ESC' to return
to main menu".

The Flash Memory

The Flash is a special portion of read-only memory (ROM). It differs from
conventional ROM in that its contents can be updated, but it still preserves
its information when system power is off. The following components of your
server contain their own portions of Flash memory:
The motherboard - This Flash stores the BIOS information for the
The System Management Controller - This Flash stores the BIOS and
firmware which control the SMC and the Front Panel.
The System Management Interface Card (SMIC) - This is the main
Flash, also referred to as a Flash Disk. It contains bootable DOS, its
own BIOS and a Flash Disk Utility program which affects the other
portions of Flash memory. The Flash Disk Utility also runs the EISA
Configuration Utility (ECU).
Your access to the Flash is via a RAMdrive. This enables you to treat the
Flash almost as if it were a disk drive. The RAMdrive and the Flash Disk
each have a capacity of 2 Mbytes. Because the Flash Disk contains the
operating system files, the server can boot from it if the normal system hard
EISA Configuration Utility
Main Menu
Help text will appear in
this box for whichever
topic is highlighted.


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