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Hard Disk Drive Module - Mitsubishi Electric APRICOT FT4200 Owner's Handbook Manual

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Fitting a replacement drive
The drive and tray require very accurate assembly or damage can be caused to the
connections. This is done in the factory using special equipment. Damage may be
caused by inaccurate assembly on site, which may invalidate your warranty.
Carefully unpack the new, ready assembled drive and tray from its
protective packaging.
◊ Avoid touching the electronic control board or the connectors at the
Ensure that the release handle on the tray is turned anti-clockwise as far
as it will go.
Insert the tray into the drive module and push it carefully in until it
reaches the point where the hard disk release handle will engage. You
must not knock or jolt the hard disk drive.
Turn the hard disk release handle clockwise almost one complete turn
until the tray metalwork is flush with the drive module. This procedure
plugs the hard disk into the connectors on the drive module backplane.

Hard Disk Drive Module

The hard disk drive module is the removable metal framework which holds
up to four hard disk drives. The server's disk chamber can accommodate up
to five of these modules. Removal of a module will usually only be necessary
if the circuit board on the module backplane fails.
You will need to ensure that both side panels are removed before attempting to
remove or fit a drive module.
Remove all hard disk drives which may be fitted to the module in
question (see "Hard Disk Drive, Removing", earlier in this chapter).
Make a careful note of which drive tray is removed from which slot.
In the electronics chamber, unplug the data ribbon cable from the
connector on the back of the module. The connector is visible through
an opening in the centre spine.
It is vital that you remember the exact cable and connector arrangement of your
hard disks, particularly if you are using a RAID (Redundant Array of
Independent Disks) configuration. If you fail to restore the arrangement so that
all cables and plugs are as they were originally, you risk losing all the data on
your hard disks.
H a r d d i s k d r i v e s a n d m o d u l e s
rear of the drive.


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