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Setting Up Your System For The First Time - Mitsubishi Electric APRICOT FT4200 Owner's Handbook Manual

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S e t u p a n d o p e r a t i o n
You must maintain at least 15 cm space around the computer for adequate
ventilation. Otherwise damage could result from overheating.

Setting Up Your System for the First Time

After you have unpacked the server and rolled it into position, use the
jacking mechanism on the front castors to immobilise it. Then go through
the following steps to start up the system:
Connect the monitor signal, keyboard and AC power cables to the
sockets on the server's back panel.
Establish the appropriate link which will enable you to run the System
Management Application (SMA), such as:
Switch the AC supply on, followed by the UPS isolation switch on the
rear of the system. (For safety during transportation, this is locked in
the off position with a strap).
Locate and press the P
When the system is up and running normally following boot-up and all
software loaded, the display code on the front LCD panel will be 0000. If
any codes appear other than normal procedure codes, then refer to the
chapter dealing with Diagnostic codes towards the end of this handbook.
Some codes are transitory, being way markers for the boot-up process.
Before proceeding further, read carefully the following pages in this chapter.
They contain important information about the controls and their functions.
See the guide supplied with the monitor for details on its
connections to an AC supply and general information about its
signal cable.
Direct link to another PC. In this case, use the supplied serial-to-PC
cable to connect the SMC modem port to the serial port on the
separate diagnostic computer.
Modem link to a computer at another location. Use the supplied
serial-to-modem cable to connect the SMC port to the modem.
In some cases you can also run the SMA over the network itself,
from one of the connected computers, depending on the operating
The Uninterruptible Power Supply LED should display steady
green (battery fully charged) or flash green (battery pack is
charging). If the LED is flashing, it will take a maximum of 36
hours to charge the batteries from full discharge.
The system is now in Standby mode.
button to switch the machine on.


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