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Riding Instructions; Checks And Maintenance Steps When Preparing For Use; Starting - Husqvarna TE 125 EU Owner's Manual

Husqvarna motorcycles 2014 owner's manual
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Checks and maintenance steps when preparing for use

Before riding the vehicle, always check its condition and operating safety.
The vehicle must be in perfect technical condition when used.
Check the gear oil level. (
Check the electrical system.
Check the front brake fluid level. (
Check the rear brake fluid level. (
Check the front brake linings. (
Check the rear brake linings. (
Check that the brake system is functioning properly.
Check the coolant level. (
Check the chain for dirt. (
Check the chain, rear sprocket, engine sprocket, and chain guide. (
Check the chain tension. (
Check the tire condition. (
Check the tire air pressure. (
Check the spoke tension. (
Clean the dust boots of the fork legs. (
Bleed the fork legs. (
Check the air filter.
Check the settings of all controls and ensure that they can be operated smoothly.
Check all screws, nuts, and hose clamps regularly for tightness.
Check the fuel supply.


Danger of poisoning Exhaust gases are toxic and inhaling them may result in unconsciousness and/or death.
When running the engine, always make sure there is sufficient ventilation, and do not start or run the engine in an enclosed
space without an effective exhaust extraction system.
Engine failure High engine speeds in cold engines have a negative effect on the service life of the engine.
Always warm up the engine at low engine speeds.
If the motorcycle is unwilling to start, the cause can be old fuel in the float chamber. The flammable elements of the fuel evaporate
after a long time of standing.
If the float chamber is filled with fresh fuel, the engine starts immediately.
Engine has been out of use for more than one week
Empty the carburetor float chamber.
Turn tap handle
on the fuel tap to position ON. (Figure L01603-10
Fuel can flow from the fuel tank to the carburetor.
Remove the motorcycle from the stand.
Shift gear to neutral.
Turn the emergency OFF switch to the position
The engine is cold
Pull the choke knob all the way out.
Press the electric starter button or press the kick starter robustly through its full range.
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