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Recharging The Battery (Te 250/300) - Husqvarna TE 125 EU Owner's Manual

Husqvarna motorcycles 2014 owner's manual
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Recharging the battery
Risk of injury Battery acid and battery gases cause serious chemical burns.
Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
Wear suitable protective clothing and goggles.
Avoid contact with battery acid and battery gases.
Keep sparks and open flames away from the battery. Only charge in well-ventilated rooms.
In the event of skin contact, rinse with large amounts of water. If battery acid gets in the eyes, rinse with water for at least 15
minutes and contact a physician.
Environmental hazard Battery components and acid are harmful to the environment.
Do not dispose of batteries with the household waste. Dispose of a defective battery in an environmentally friendly manner.
Give it to your Husqvarna dealer or to a disposal center for used batteries.
Environmental hazard Hazardous substances cause environmental damage.
Oil, grease, filters, fuel, cleaners, brake fluid, etc., should be disposed of as stipulated in applicable regulations.
Even if there is no load on the battery, it loses power every day.
The charging level and type of charge are very important to the battery service life.
Rapid recharging with a high charging current shortens the battery's service life.
If the charging current, charging voltage, and charging time are exceeded, electrolyte escapes through the safety valves. This
reduces the battery capacity.
If the battery is depleted from starting the vehicle repeatedly, the battery must be charged immediately.
If the battery is left in a discharged state for an extended period, it will become over-discharged and sulfate, destroying the bat-
The battery is maintenance-free, i.e., the acid level does not have to be checked.
(TE 250/300)
Preparatory work
Switch off all power consumers and switch off the engine.
Remove the seat. (
Disconnect the negative cable of the battery to avoid damage to the motorcycle's
Main work
Connect the battery charger to the battery. Switch on the battery charger.
Battery charger (81229074000)
You can also use the battery charger to check the off load voltage, the starting ability
of the battery and the alternator. With this device, you cannot overcharge the battery.
Never remove lid
Charge the battery with a maximum of 10% of the capacity specified on bat-
tery housing
Switch off the charger after charging. Disconnect the battery.
The charge current, charge voltage, and charge time must not be exceeded.
Charge the battery regularly when the
motorcycle is not in use
Finishing work
Mount the seat. (
p. 51)
3 months
p. 51)

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