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Release R.11.22; Release R.11.23 - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Release R.11.22

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.22.
QoS (PR_0000004576) — Editing a configured QoS TCP-port to a new priority does not
take effect until the switch is rebooted.
Enhancement (PR_0000010783) — Support is added for the following products.
J9099B - ProCurve 100-BX-D SFP-LC Transceiver
J9100B - ProCurve 100-BX-U SFP-LC Transceiver
J9142B - ProCurve 1000-BX-D SFP-LC Mini-GBIC
J9143B - ProCurve 1000-BX-U SFP-LC Mini-GBIC
For more information, see
UDLD (PR_0000002473) — UDLD protocol packets received on a (non-UDLD) trunk port
are incorrectly forwarded out of same port they are received on, resulting in high CPU usage
on the switch.
Crash (PR_0000011503) — The switch may crash repeatedly when DHCP-snooping is
enabled. The crash message may be similar to the following.
SubSystem 0 went down:
Task='eDrvPoll' Task ID=0x8598e150 fp:0x00000001 sp:0x8598e040
ra:0x8031aa5c sr:0x1000fc01
Loop Protect (PR_0000010897) — The loop detection feature may not function properly
on ports configured for MAC-Authentication.

Release R.11.23

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.23. (Not a public release.)
CLI Help (PR_0000010484) — The CLI tab completion for the command parameter
[ethernet] PORT-LIST should list the all option, but it does not.
802.1X (PR_0000010850) — If an unauth-vid is configured, and the client limit is reached
on a switch port, a properly credentialed re-authentication following an improperly creden-
tialed authentication attempt (for example, incorrect password) will leave the 802.1x client
in the unauthorized VLAN instead of applying the appropriate authorized VLAN.
Dynamic ARP Protection (PR_0000009942) — When a switch using Dynamic ARP
Protection is rebooted, it blocks all ARP traffic on untrusted ports, including traffic that is
considered valid according to the binding database. On trusted ports, traffic flows normally.
"Release R.11.22 Enhancements" on page
Unalligned Access:
Software Fixes in Release R.11.04 - R.11.25
Virtual Addr=0xa7de0ccb
Release R.11.22

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