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Release R.11.13 Enhancements; Release R.11.14 Enhancements - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Monitoring Dynamic ARP Protection
When dynamic ARP protection is enabled, you can monitor and troubleshoot the validation of ARP
packets with the debug arp protect command. Use this command when you want to debug the
following conditions:
The switch is dropping valid ARP packets that should be allowed.
The switch is allowing invalid ARP packets that should be dropped.
ProCurve(config)# debug arp protect
1. ARP request is valid
"DARPP: Allow ARP request 000000-000001, for port A1,
vlan "
2. ARP request detected with an invalid binding
"DARPP: Deny ARP request 000000-000003, port A1, vlan 1"
3. ARP response with a valid binding
"DARPP: Allow ARP reply 000000-000002, port A2, vlan 1"
4.ARP response detected with an invalid binding
"DARPP: Deny ARP reply 000000-000003, port A2, vlan 1"
Figure 4. Example of debug arp protect Command

Release R.11.13 Enhancements

No enhancements, software fixes only.

Release R.11.14 Enhancements

Release R.11.14 includes the following enhancements (Never released):
Enhancement (PR_0000000084) — DHCP Option 66 enhancement added. For more information,
"DHCP Option 66 Automatic Configuration Update" on page
Release R.11.13 Enhancements

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