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Clarifications; General Switch Traffic Security Guideline; The Management Vlan Ip Address; Management And Configuration Guide - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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General Switch Traffic Security Guideline

Where the switch is running multiple security options, it implements network traffic security based
on the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection model) precedence of the individual options, from the
lowest to the highest. The following list shows the order in which the switch implements configured
security features on traffic moving through a given port.
Disabled/Enabled physical port
MAC lockout (Applies to all ports on the switch.)
MAC Lockdown
Port security
Authorized IP Managers
Application features at higher levels in the OSI model, such as SSH.
(The above list does not address the mutually exclusive relationship that exists among some security

The Management VLAN IP Address

The optional Management VLAN, if used, must be configured with a manual IP address. It does not
operate with DHCP/Bootp configured for the IP address.

Management and Configuration Guide

The manual for the Switch 2610 Series contains an error. The Management and Configura-
tion Guide, dated December 2007, page 13-25, states:
For switches covered in this guide, sFlow can be configured via the CLI for up to three
distinct sFlow instances. Once enabled, an sFlow receiver/destination can be indepen-
dently configured for full flow-sampling and counter-polling. CLI-configured sFlow
instances may be saved to the startup configuration to persist across a switch reboot.
The 2610 only supports a single sFlow collector and can only be configured via SNMP. By design,
when sFlow is configured via SNMP, the sFlow-MIB OIDs that have been set do not survive a
General Switch Traffic Security Guideline

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