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Release R.11.08; Release R.11.09 - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Enhancement (PR_1000462847) — Mini-GBIC slots can be configured before one is
DHCP (PR_1000753483) — When issuing the no dhcp-relay op 82 validate command, the
option 82 policy incorrectly changes to append.
Crash (PR_1000756775) — The switch hangs after updating software and issuing a SNMP

Release R.11.08

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.09. (Not a public release.)
Web GUI (PR_1000760153) — A Java Error occurs when viewing the "Stack Closeup"
page, causing a blank page to be displayed.
Authentication (PR_1000454714) — Concurrent 802.1X and MAC-authentication does
not give the 802.1X value precedence. This fix gives 802.1X VLAN assignment precedence
over MAC-authentication RADIUS VLAN assignment.
CLI (PR_1000779621) — If show flash is executed while the flash is being written, the file
size is displayed. This corrects the behavior so that show flash shows a "0" until the writing
has completed in order to avoid providing an indication that the download process has
completed when it has not.

Release R.11.09

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.09. (Not a public release.)
CLI (PR_1000430534) — CLI output from the show port-access mac-based command does
not show the correct clients connected; some are omitted.
System Up-time (1000772402) — The system up-time rolls back to zero after 49 days.
POE (1000750924) — The last PoE port gets powered with limited power, even though
there is sufficient power available.
Config (1000790501) — When any supported transceiver is present in a mini-GBIC port,
the configuration (including port-VLAN assignment) is not maintained across a reboot.
Radius Authentication (PR_1000779048) — When an 802.1X enabled port belongs to a
VLAN that is jumbo enabled, the Access-Request will specify a value of Framed-MTU of 9182
bytes. This allows the RADIUS server to reply with a large fragment which the switch does
not process, causing the authentication process to fail. Workaround: set the Framed-MTU
on the RADIUS server.
Software Fixes in Release R.11.04 - R.11.25
Release R.11.08

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