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HP 2610 User Manual page 56

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Release R.11.23 Enhancements
Sends the hostname option with DHCP packets. Use the no form of the command to
not include the hostname in the packet.
The maximum size of the hostname is 32 characters.
Default: Disabled
ProCurve(config)# dhcp host-name-option
Figure 9. Example of the DHCP Option 12 Command
SNMP Support
A MIB object supports enabling and disabling the DHCP Option 12 feature. It is added in the
hpicfDhcpclient.mib. The hostname is retrieved from the MIB variable SYSNAME. Validity checks
on the name include:
The name starts with a letter, ends with a letter or a digit, and can have letters, hyphens, or
digits in between the first and last characters.
The maximum size supported for a hostname is 30 characters. If SYSNAME is more than 30
characters, then DHCP Option 12 will not be included in the packet.
The minimum number of characters supported for a hostname is one character. If the
SYSNAME in the MIB is null, then DHCP Option 12 will not be included in the packet.
SNMP MIB Definition
hpicfDhcpClientHostNameOption OBJECT-TYPE
MAX-ACCESS read-write
DESCRIPTION "This object enables/disables DHCP option 12
that allows for sending of the system hostname in DHCP packets.
By default, this object is set to be disabled".
Setting this flag to 'enabled' results in the inclusion
of system hostname in DHCP packets.
DEFVAL { disabled }
::= { hpicfDhcpClientOptions 2 }
enabled (1),
disabled (2)

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