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HP 2610 User Manual page 67

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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CDP/LLDP (PR_0000005741) — The switch is not consistently detecting neighboring
Cisco Catalyst switches via CDP.
Crash (PR_0000015095) — The switch may reboot unexpectedly when it receives a certain
type of traffic. A message similar to the following may be present in the switch event and
crash logs.
Unalligned Access:
Crash (PR_0000003648) — When source-port filtering is configured on a trunk and the
trunk establishes a "link up" state, the switch may reboot unexpectedly with a message
similar to the following.
Software exception at bcmHwFilters.c:403 -- in 'mAdMgrCtrl'
Virtual Addr=0xa7fb7aa3 IP=0x803628ac
Software Fixes in Release R.11.04 - R.11.25
Release R.11.25

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