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Other Provisions For Management Access Security; Network Security Features; Web And Mac Authentication; Secure Shell (Ssh) - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Other Provisions for Management Access Security

Authorized IP Managers. This feature uses IP addresses and masks to determine whether to allow
management access to the switch through the network, and covers access through the following:
Telnet and other terminal emulation applications
The switch's Web browser interface
SNMP (with a correct community name)
Secure Management VLAN. This feature creates an isolated network for managing the ProCurve
switches that offer this feature. When a secure management VLAN is enabled, CLI, Menu interface,
and web browser interface access is restricted to ports configured as members of the VLAN.

Network Security Features

This section outlines provisions for protecting access through the switch to the network. For more
detailed information on these features, refer to the indicated manuals.

Web and MAC Authentication

These options are designed for application on the edge of a network to provide port-based security
measures for protecting private networks and the switch itself from unauthorized access. Because
neither method requires clients to run any special supplicant software, both are suitable for legacy
systems and temporary access situations where introducing supplicant software is not an attractive
option. Both methods rely on using a RADIUS server for authentication. This simplifies access
security management by allowing you to control access from a master database in a single server. It
also means the same credentials can be used for authentication, regardless of which switch or switch
port is the current access point into the LAN. Web authentication uses a web page login to
authenticate users for access to the network. MAC authentication grants access to a secure network
by authenticating device MAC address for access to the network.

Secure Shell (SSH)

SSH provides Telnet-like functions through encrypted, authenticated transactions of the following
client public-key authentication: uses one or more public keys (from clients) that must
be stored on the switch. Only a client with a private key that matches a stored public key
can gain access to the switch.
Enforcing Switch Security
Network Security Features

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