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Release R.11.16; Release R.11.17; Release R.11.18 - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Software Fixes in Release R.11.04 - R.11.25

Release R.11.16

Dropped Packets (PR_0000004884) — A ProCurve Switch 2610-48 running software
version R.11.12 or greater may drop 802.1Q tagged packets with priority 4-7 between port
banks. Port banks are as follows: Bank 1: Ports 1-24; Bank 2: Ports 25-50. Workaround:
Disable the QoS passthrough feature using the procedure that follows.
Switch2610-48(config)# no-qos-pass-through
Switch2610-48(config)# reload
Release R.11.16
The following problems were resolved in release R.11.16.
PoE (PR_0000005028) — Removal of PoE controller "power management" firmware
update to version 2.4.6 which was included in PR_1000750924, included in R.11.09 – R.11.15.
The PoE controller firmware will remain as version 2.4.5.

Release R.11.17

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.17. (Not a public release.)
GVRP/RADIUS (PR_0000006051) — RADIUS assigned VLANs are not propagated
correctly in GVRP.
Note: This fix is associated with some new switch behavior: When only one port has learned of
a dynamic VLAN, it will advertise that VLAN if an auth port has been RADIUS-assigned that
dynamic VLAN, regardless of the unknown-VLANs configuration of that port. The fix accommo-
dates RADIUS-assigned (and hpicfUsrProf MIB-assigned) tagged VLANs as well as untagged
VLANs. These changes are enabled by default and are not configurable. This fix does not modify
any other GVRP behavior.
TACACS+ (PR_0000003839) — The TACACS server configuration parameter accepts an
address from an invalid/reserved IP range: to
Enhancement (PR_0000003180) — QoS TCP/UDP Port Ranges may now be configured.
For more information, see

Release R.11.18

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.18. (Not a public release.)
ACL (PR_0000005739) — Fragmented IP packets are incorrectly filtered.
CLI (PR_0000002815/1000406763) — Output from the show tech CLI command was
modified to include output from show access-list resources and show access-list radius all
"Release R.11.17 Enhancements" on page

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