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Problem Reports; Software Fixes; Release G.07.50 11/11/03 - HP ProCurve 4100GL Series Operating

Version g.07.50 operating system
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Problem Reports

Release G.07.50 11/11/03

Problem Reports
To view known problems with solutions or workarounds for Series 4100GL software releases, visit
the HP ProCurve web site at
and click on
technical support > problem reports > HP ProCurve Switch 4100GL Series

Software Fixes

Release G.03.08 was the first software release for the HP ProCurve Switch 4108GL.
Release G.07.50 11/11/03
The version number for this release was increased to represent the new support for the 10/100/
1000Base-TX module (J4908A).
Release numbers G.07.28 through G.07.49 were never created.
802.1p (PR_93590) — 802.1p priority settings not kept across boot even though they are
in the config file.
CLI (PR_88755) — Gig Transceiver settings on a TFTP'd configuration file were lost when
downloaded to system (found against Version G.07.22).
CLI (PR_92426) — Unable to delete a VLAN by name if it has a numeric name. Numeric
VLAN names will now be disallowed if it falls within the range of VLAN IDs (i.e. VLAN name
99999 is valid, while VLAN name 100 is not). VLAN names are now also case sensitive.
CLI (PR_93483) — Help message for setMIB command shows incorrect usage.
CLI (PR_96888) — ip routing help gives incorrect command usage. "ip routing help" states
usage is "[no] routing"; should be "[no] ip routing".
CLI (PR_96889) — ip helper-address help gives incorrect command usage. "ip helper-
address help" gives command usage as "[no] dhcp-server IP-ADDR"; should be "[no] ip
helper-address IP-ADDR".



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