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Release R.11.18 Enhancements; Release R.11.19 Through R.11.21 Enhancements; Release R.11.22 Enhancements; Release R.11.23 Enhancements - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Release R.11.18 Enhancements

Release R.11.18 includes the following enhancement (Not a public release):
Enhancement (PR_0000008960) — This enhancement allows the switch to create SSH
host keys by default.

Release R.11.19 through R.11.21 Enhancements

No enhancements, software fixes only. (Not a public release)

Release R.11.22 Enhancements

Release R.11.22 includes the following enhancement:
Enhancement (PR_0000010783) — Support is added for the following products.
J9099B - ProCurve 100-BX-D SFP-LC Transceiver
J9100B - ProCurve 100-BX-U SFP-LC Transceiver
J9142B - ProCurve 1000-BX-D SFP-LC Mini-GBIC
J9143B - ProCurve 1000-BX-U SFP-LC Mini-GBIC

Release R.11.23 Enhancements

Release R.11.23 includes the following enhancement (Not a public release):
Enhancement (PR_0000010292) — DHCP option 12 (hostname option) was imple-
mented. For more information, see

DHCP Option 12

CLI Command
This feature allows you to include the hostname in the DHCP packet sent to the DHCP server. This
is disabled by default. The command must be executed from the global configuration level.
[no] dhcp host-name-option
"DHCP Option 12" on page
Release R.11.18 Enhancements

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