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Ssh Enhancements - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Release R.11.14 Enhancements
DHCP is preferred over BootP
If two BootP offers are received, the first one is selected
For two DHCP offers:
The offer from an authoritative server is selected
If there is no authoritative server, the offer with the longest lease is selected
Log Messages
The file transfer is implemented by the existing TFTP module. The system logs the following message
if an incorrect IP address is received for Option 66:
Invalid IP address <ip-address> received for DHCP Option 66
Enhancement (PR_0000004180) — SSH enhancements added. For more information, see
Enhancements" on page

SSH Enhancements

The SSH enhancements are:
AES encryption. A new configuration option is added to allow the server to specify the set
of ciphers available for client connection.
Configurable key
Message Authentication Code (MAC) configuration. A new configuration option provides
the ability to configure which MACs a client is permitted to use.
Feedback information
SSH CLI show command information enhancements
Specifying the Set of Ciphers
The following command allows you to specific which ciphers are available for a client to use for
connection. All ciphers are available by default; use the no form of the command to disable specific

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