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Release R.11.21 - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Software Fixes in Release R.11.04 - R.11.25

Release R.11.21

Release R.11.21
The following problems were resolved in release R.11.21. (Never released.)
MDI-X (PR_0000007246) — MDI-X is not working properly; when MDI and MDI-X settings
are explicitly configured, the port function is reversed.
CLI (PR_0000010942) — The CLI command output for show run does not display aaa port-
access <port#> when MAC-based authentication with mixed port access mode is configured.
Other show commands may be affected as well.
CLI (PR_0000010378) — Session time (sec.) remains at zero in response to the CLI
command sh port-access authenticator <port> session-counters; it should increment.
Crash (PR_0000010107) — When the switch is configured with SNMPv3 the switch
crashes when a network management server communicates with it using SNMPv3. The crash
message will be similar to the following.
TLB Miss:
Task ID=0x85d26d00 fp:0x00000000 sp:0x85d26a60 ra:0x800aadc8
ARP Protection (PR_0000008330) — ARP Protection does not allow the switch to
appropriately forward ARP Replies from a Destination Host who is in the DHCP Binding
RADIUS ACLs (PR_0000009907) — The switch does not consistently enforce the implicit
deny statements for RADIUS applied ACLs.
Selftest Failure (PR_0000011448) —
consistent power on self test (POST) failures, with or without an
message at the console. Workaround: Power off the switch for a few minutes,
and power it back on and update the firmware
MAC Address (PR_0000009750) — If a client moves from one port or switch to another,
the MAC address is not relearned on the new port until the MAC address timer expires on
the original port.
LED/POST (PR_0000006148) — The switch may not light the self test LEDs in a consis-
tent, predictable sequence during POST.
Virtual Addr=0x00000000 IP=0x800ab0f8 Task='mSnmpCtrl'
The switch may experience intermittent or

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