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Release R.11.19; Release R.11.20 - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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802.1X (PR_0000005358) — The switch is unable to successfully authenticate users using
Enhancement (PR_0000008960) — This enhancement allows the switch to create SSH
host keys by default. For more information, see

Release R.11.19

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.19. (Never released.)
PC phone/authentication (PR_0000008777) — When using an IP phone in tandem with
a PC connected to the phone, the phone will sometimes come up using untagged packets
until acquiring its tagged VLAN and priority information. In this case the IP phones untagged
MAC address will block the PC communicating to the port until the phone's MAC address
expires (default 5 minutes).
802.1X (PR_0000008780) —
security if 802.1X is running alone, without WMA.
PC Phone/Authentication (PR_0000007209) — When an IP phone is used in tandem with
a PC connected to the phone, if the phone is moved to a tagged VLAN, some phone
manufactures send some traffic to the switch untagged. This may result in traffic disruption
including the PC not being allowed to authenticate.
PC Phone/Authentication (PR_0000009825) — An IP phone connected in tandem with
a PC, did not allow the PC user to be in an unauthenticated VLAN or authenticated using
802.1X, Web auth, or MAC authentication.
PC Phone/Authentication (PR_0000010104) — When using an IP phone in tandem with
a PC, sometimes the VLAN assignment after authentication of the PC is delayed.

Release R.11.20

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.20. (Never released.)
802.1X (PR_0000010275) — For a port that is being authenticated via 802.1X, the user
fails authentication if the unauth vid value is configured.
"Release R.11.18 Enhancements" on page
802.1X does not receive expiration notifications from port
Software Fixes in Release R.11.04 - R.11.25
Release R.11.19

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