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Software Fixes In Release R.11.04 - R.11.25; Release R.11.04; Release R.11.07 - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Software Fixes in Release R.11.04 - R.11.25

Release R.11.04

Software Fixes in Release R.11.04 - R.11.25
Software fixes are listed in chronological order, oldest to newest.
Unless otherwise noted, each new release includes the software fixes added in all previous releases.
Release R.11.04 was the first software release for the ProCurve Series 2610 Series Switches.
Release R.11.04
No problems resolved in release R.11.04. (Initial Release.)

Release R.11.07

The following problems were resolved in release R.11.07.
mini-GBIC (PR_1000754015) — Hot Swap/Insertion of a 1000Base-T mini-GBIC requires
switch to be rebooted.
Broadcast Limiting (PR_1000754032) — The broadcast limiting algorithm was not
consistently applied to configured ports; the rates of throttle cycled from too high to too low
(averaging to the configured value), which can present problems for latency-sensitive
applications. This fix improved the consistency with which the broadcast limiting algorithm
is applied to continuous traffic.
MSTP (PR_1000756881) — Some VLANs are removed from spanning-tree configuration
after reboot.
TFTP (PR_1000757101) — The configuration containing ip arp-age cannot be copied
to the switch using TFTP.
VLAN (PR_1000768231) — The switch may crash when removing a VLAN.
System (PR_1000751322) — The switch may be allowed to reboot before a new software
image is fully written to flash.
SCP (PR_1000428142) — A secure copy file transfer will not properly close the session.
ACL (PR_1000761850) — The switch cannot support two IDM ACLs per user, per port.
Counters (PR_1000759767) — TX Drops (ifoutdiscards) are incorrectly incrementing on
MSTP-blocked ports.
SNMP (PR_1000763386) — Some SNMPv3 configuration may be lost in the startup
configuration after reboot.

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