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Dhcp Option 66 Automatic Configuration Update - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Release R.11.14 Enhancements

DHCP Option 66 Automatic Configuration Update

ProCurve switches are initially booted up with the factory-shipped configuration file. This enhance-
ment provides a way to automatically download a different configuration file from a TFTP server
using DHCP Option 66. The prerequisites for this to function correctly are:
One or more DHCP servers with Option 66 are enabled
One or more TFTP servers has the desired configuration file.
C a u t i o n
This feature must use configuration files generated on the switch to function correctly. If you use
configuration files that were not generated on the switch, and then enable this feature, the switch
may reboot continuously.
CLI Command
The command to enable the configuration update using Option 66 is:
Syntax: [no] dhcp config-file-update
Enables configuration file update using Option 66.
Default: Enabled
ProCurve(config)# dhcp config-file-update
Figure 1. Example of Enabling Configuration File Update Using Option 66

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