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Saving Configurations While Using The Cli - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Downloading Software to the Switch

Saving Configurations While Using the CLI

Saving Configurations While Using the CLI
The switch operates with two configuration files:
Running-Config File: Exists in volatile memory and controls switch operation. Rebooting
the switch erases the current running-config file and replaces it with an exact copy of the
current startup-config file. To save a configuration change, you must save the running
configuration to the startup-config file.
Startup-Config File: Exists in flash (non-volatile) memory and preserves the most recently-
saved configuration as the "permanent" configuration. When the switch reboots for any
reason, an exact copy of the current startup-config file becomes the new running-config file
in volatile memory.
When you use the CLI to make a configuration change, the switch places the change in the running-
config file. If you want to preserve the change across reboots, you must save the change to the startup-
config file. Otherwise, the next time the switch reboots, the change will be lost. There are two ways
to save configuration changes while using the CLI:
Execute write memory from the Manager, Global, or Context configuration level.
When exiting from the CLI to the Main Menu, press [Y] (for Yes) when you see the "Do you
want to save current configuration [y/n]?" prompt.

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