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Hitless Mac Authentication Reauth; Release R.11.24 Through R.11.25 Enhancements - HP 2610 User Manual

Version r.11.25 software procurve 2610 series
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Enhancement (PR_0000011010) — Support is added for Hitless MAC Authentication
Reauth. For more information, see

Hitless MAC Authentication Reauth

The reauthentication procedure has been changed to allow an authenticated client to remain
authenticated while reauthentication occurs. Previously, after the user-configured authentication
period expired, the client was deauthenticated while the RADIUS server was queried. This resulted
in a small delay during which frames were dropped.
Any changes in RADIUS attributes are applied after authentication is successful. If authentication is
not successful, the client is disconnected.
Syntax: aaa port-access mac-based <port-list> [reauth-period <0-9999999>]
Specifies the time period, in seconds, after which the switch must reauthenticate
with the RADIUS server. When set to 0 (zero), reauthentication is disabled.
Default: 0 seconds (disabled)

Release R.11.24 through R.11.25 Enhancements

No enhancements, software fixes only.
Release R.11.24 through R.11.25 Enhancements
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