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Configuring Router Port Aging Time; Configuring Maximum Response Time; Configuring Aging Time Of Multicast Group Member - 3Com Switch 4500 26-Port Configuration Manual

Switch 4500 family 26-port, 50-port, pwr 26-port, pwr 50-port.
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Configuring Router Port
Aging Time
Configuring Maximum
Response Time
Configuring Aging Time
of Multicast Group
Perform the following configuration in System View and VLAN View.
Table 155 Enabling/Disabling IGMP Snooping
Enable/disable IGMP Snooping
Although layer 2 and layer 3 multicast protocols can run together, they cannot run
on the same VLAN or its corresponding VLAN interface at the same time. For
example, if the layer 2 multicast protocol is enabled on a VLAN, then the layer 3
multicast protocol cannot operate on this VLAN, and vice versa.
IGMP Snooping functions only when it is enabled both in System View and in
VLAN View.
By default, IGMP Snooping is disabled.
Use the commands in
Table 156
If the switch has not received a general query message from the router before the
router port is aged, the switch will remove the port from the MAC multicast
Perform the following configuration in system view.
Table 156 Configuring router port aging time
Configure router port aging time
Restore the default aging time
By default, the port aging time is 105 seconds.
Use the commands in
Table 157
time. If the Switch 4500 receives no report message from a port within the
maximum response time, the switch will remove the port from the multicast
Perform the following configuration in System View.
Table 157 Configuring the maximum response time
Configure the maximum
response time
Restore the default setting
By default, the maximum response time is 10 seconds.
Use the commands in
Table 158
group member port. If the switch receives no multicast group report message
during the member port aging time, it will transmit the specific query message to
that port and start a maximum response timer.
Configuring IGMP Snooping
igmp-snooping { enable | disable }
to manually configure the router port aging time.
igmp-snooping router-aging-time seconds
undo igmp-snooping router-aging-time
to manually configure the maximum response
igmp-snooping max-response-time seconds
undo igmp-snooping max-response-time
to manually set the aging time of the multicast


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