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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: Optional Dvs-2 Digital Voice Recorder; Overview; Installation; Dvs-2 Controls

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The DVS-2 is a digital voice recorder designed es-
pecially for SSB, AM, and FM operation with newer
model Yaesu transceivers having a special jack for
connection of the DVS-2 on the rear panel. It offers
two independent functions:
r Recording received signals for playback later in
the loudspeaker or headphone;
r Recording signals, using the microphone,for
playback over the air (during transmission).
Each mode uses its own memory, so both modes
can be used to retain data at the same time. Operating
details are provided with the DVS-2, but a summary is
provided here.
Connect the DVS-2 cable to the DVS-2 jack on the
rear of the transceiver. You must also have a micro-
phone connected to the MIC jack on the front panel of
the transceiver to record your voice for transmissions.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
Advanced Features

DVS-2 Controls

( 1 ) , ( 2 ) , & ( 3 ) : PLAY, REC & TX LEDs
These LEDs light or flash to indicate the status of
the DVS-2. The "PLAY" LED glows green when play-
ing back stored data, the "REC" LED glows yellow when
recording, and the "TX" LED glows red when the DVS-
2 is keying the transmitter to play back over the air.
Also, the "PLAY" and "REC" LEDs flash when waiting
for you to make a memory selection (with a numbered
( 4 ) MESSAGE MODE Slide Switch
This selects the mode for recording messages to
be played back over the air: for either two 8-second
messages, or four 4-second messages. Changing your
selection does not erase previously stored messages,
so you can use this switch to combine two pairs of 4-
second messages.
( 5 ) MESSAGE NR Selection Buttons & LEDs
These buttons select which message slot to record
via the microphone or play back over the air. The LED
above each button glows red when a message has
been stored in that slot. The [ 3 ] and [ 4 ] keys (and LEDs)
are only functional when the MESSAGE MODE switch
is set to the [ 4 x 4 SEC ] position.
( 6 ) MONI Button
After recording a message via the microphone,
press this button (followed by a message number but-
ton) to play back that message in the loudspeaker (in-
stead of over the air).
(7 ) MEMO Button
Press this button (followed by a message number
button) to record a message via the microphone.
( 8 ) PLAY Button
After recording received signals, press this button
to play them back in the transceiver's loudspeaker.
( 9 ) REC Button
Press this button to start the receiver recorder. The
recorder will run continuously (recording an 16-second
loop) until you press the [ STOP ] button.
( 10 ) STOP Button
Press this button to stop any recording or playback
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