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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: General Description

Hf transceiver.
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Congratulations on the purchase of your Yaesu
amateur transceiver! Whether this is your first rig, or if
Yaesu equipment is already the backbone of your sta-
tion, rest assured that your transceiver will provide many
hours of operating pleasure for years to come.
The MARK-V FT-1000MP is an elite-class HF trans-
ceiver providing exceptional performance both on trans-
mit and receive. The MARK-V FT-1000MP is designed
for the most competitive operating situations, whether
you primarily operate in contest, DX, or digital-mode
Built on the foundation of the popular FT-1000MP
transceiver, the MARK-V FT-1000MP provides up to
200 Watts of power output on SSB, CW, and FM (50
Watts AM carrier). Additionally, a Yaesu-exclusive
"Class-A" SSB operating mode provides ultra-linear
signal output, at a power output level of up to 75 Watts.
Also new on the MARK-V FT-1000MP is the IDBT
(Interlocked Digital Bandwidth Tracking) System, which
automatically aligns the bandwidth of the Enhanced
Digital Signal Processing (EDSP) receiver passband
to match the IF filter passband. This improves operat-
ing efficiency by removing the extra step of making
separate analog and DSP filter adjustments. This fea-
ture can be enabled or disabled with the press of a
button, for maximum flexibility.
And for exceptional protection from strong nearby
incoming signals, the new, Yaesu-exclusive VRF (Vari-
able RF Front-End Filter) serves as a high-performance
Preselector-ideal for multi-operator contest environ-
ments. This filter is manually tuned, allowing the op-
erator to optimize sensitivity or signal rejection with the
twist of a knob.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
In addition to the contribution of the VRF Preselector,
superb receiver performance is a result of direct lin-
eage from the legendary FT-1000D and FT-1000MP.
New technology Direct Digital Synthesizers (two 10-bit
and three 8-bit) are used in the local oscillator (all driven
by a single TCXO master oscillator), resulting in ex-
tremely fine tuning resolution with thirteen selectable
tuning steps down to 0.625 Hz. You may select either
"Flat" or "Tuned" front end RF amplification (using four
FETs in a double push-pull, constant-gain stage), IPO
(Intercept Point Optimization) utilizing direct feed to the
first mixer, and/or three levels of RF attenuation in 6-
dB steps. The "Tuned" RF Preamplifier provides high
gain and low noise figure on the higher frequency
bands, with lower gain and greater selectivity on the
low bands, where strong-signal performance is criti-
cally important.
To battle QRM, the MARK-V FT-1000MP comes
equipped with a formidable defense. Fine tailoring of
the IF passband is made possible with individually-se-
lected, cascaded 2nd- and 3rd-IF crystal filter banks.
World-renowned Collins
ters are available as options for the Sub Receiver 2nd
IF, and main receiver 3rd IF strip. An IF notch filter and
concentric IF Shift and Width controls are also pro-
vided. The IF Width circuit allows continuously narrow-
ing receiver passband by selectively moving either the
upper or lower filter skirt just as much as needed to
reduce QRM while still preserving the maximum us-
able bandwidth. This extensive analog IF filtering pro-
tects the EDSP circuits that follow it, ensuring un-
matched performance during crowded band conditions.
mechanical 500-Hz CW fil-
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