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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: Rear Panel Controls & Connectors

Hf transceiver.
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1.ANT Coaxial Jacks
Connect your main antenna(s) here, using a type-
M (PL-259) plug and coaxial feedline. These antenna
ports are always used for transmission, and also are
used for reception unless a separate receive antenna
is also used for the main receiver. The internal antenna
tuner affects only the antenna(s) connected here, and
only during transmission.
By plugging in a remote control keypad here, direct
access to the MARK-V FT-1000MP CPU is provided
for control functions such as contest memory keying,
frequency, and function control. This jack may also be
also used for remote control of the VL-1000 Linear Am-
plifier, if used.
3 . CW SIDETONE Trimmer
Insert a small insulated screwdriver here and turn
the trimmer inside to adjust the volume of the sidetone
heard during CW keying (and when the [ SPOT ] button
is pressed).
4.KEY 3-Contact Phone Jack
This ¼-inch phone jack accepts a CW key or keyer
paddle. It is connected in parallel with the jack with the
same name on the front panel (either or both may be
used). A 2-contact plug cannot be used in this jack.
Key-up voltage is +5 V, and key-down current is 0.5
mA. Plug wiring is shown on page 4.
page 34
& C
5.BACKUP Slide Switch
Keep this switch in the "ON" position to retain all
memory and VFO settings during power-off periods.
There is no need to turn this switch off unless you plan
to store the transceiver for a long period without use.
6 . CAT Serial DB-9 Jack
This 9-pin serial DB-9 jack allows external computer
control of the MARK-V FT-1000MP. Connect a serial
cable here and to the RS-232C COM port on your per-
sonal computer (no external interface is required).
CAT command protocol and data formats are de-
scribed in the CAT chapter, starting on page 86.
7.DVS-2 DIN Jack
This 7-pin input/output jack is for connection of the
DVS-2 Digital Voice Recording option, described on
page 81.
This 5-pin input/output jack provides receiver au-
dio and squelch signals, and accepts transmit (AFSK)
audio and PTT control, from an external Packet TNC.
Pinout is shown on pages 4 and 16. The receiver au-
dio level at this jack is approximately 100 mV (@600
Ohms), preset by VR3010 on the AF Unit (see page
15 for access to this trimmer, if necessary).
This 4-pin input/output jack provides connections
for an RTTY terminal unit. Pinout is shown on pages 4
and 17. The receiver audio level at this jack is at a
constant 100-mV (@600 Ohms) level. FSK keying at
this jack is accomplished by a closure of the SHIFT
line to ground by the terminal unit.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual


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