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Construct a patch cable or cables to make the nec-
essary connections between your TNC and the appro-
priate rear panel jack(s) (RTTY for FSK, PACKET for
AFSK). Refer to the pin-out diagram below, and the
wiring instructions included with your TNC. A descrip-
tion of the PACKET jack's individual pins follows:
Pin 1 ( DATA IN ) - Connect this pin to your TNC's
"AFSK Out" or "Mic Audio" output line. The optimum
input level is 30 mV rms, and the input impedance is 3
k . Your TNC's audio output level potentiometer will
allow you to set the level to the optimum value. This
pin may be used either for 300 baud SSB-mode digital
operation or for 1200-baud FM packet. The bandwidth
and frequency response are not, however, suitable for
9600 baud operation.
Pin 2 ( Ground ) - Connect this to the shield(s) of
the cable(s) used for connections between the TNC
and the MARK-V FT-1000MP.
Pin 3 ( PTT ) - Connect this pin to the PTT line from
the TNC. This pin, when grounded by the TNC, places
the MARK-V FT-1000MP into the Transmit condition.
Pin 4 ( DATA Out ) - Connect this pin to your TNC's
"RX Audio" input line. This is a constant-level (100 mV
rms @ 600 ) audio output line which is not affected
by the position of the front-panel AF GAIN control.
Pin 5 ( BUSY ) - This is a "Squelch Status" pin not
generally required for digital mode operation. This pin
is held at +5V when the squelch is open, and is
grounded when the receiver is muted by the squelch
("no-signal" condition).
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. ) I
For FSK operation using the RTTY jack, the fol-
lowing are the pin connections required:
Pin 1 ( SHIFT ) - Connect this pin to your TNC or
terminal unit's "FSK Key" port. Closing and opening of
this line to ground causes mark/space keying.
Pin 2 ( RX AF OUT ) - Same as "DATA OUT" on
PACKET jack.
Pin 3 ( PTT ) - Same as "PTT" on PACKET jack.
Pin 4 ( GND ) - Same as "GND" on PACKET jack.
For operation on PSK31, connect your computer's
sound card to the PACKET jack (for "PKT" mode op-
eration) or the MIC and EXT SP jacks (for "SSB" mode
operation). Also, use
the "User" mode (see page 110) for PSK31 operation.
For most operation, you will want to use the PS31-
U (for PKT mode) or PS31-SU (for USB mode) op-
tions under "East Set;" while BPSK operation is not
sideband-sensitive, QPSK operation, by convention,
utilizes USB-side injection.
The "User" mode is accessed, during operation, by
pressing and holding in for ½ second the [ PKT ] mode
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
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