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Yaesu FT-100 undocumented
Compiled by PA3GMP. Printed 4 April 2004


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  • Page 1

    Yaesu FT-100 undocumented Compiled by PA3GMP. Printed 4 April 2004...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS ..................... 3 ENU SETTINGS OVERVIEW AT-11MP A ....................7 UTOTUNER ATAS-100 A ....................8 UTOTUNING WHAT'S IN THERE? ....................13 HOW DO I TAKE IT APART? .................. 14 HOW DO I PUT IT TOGETHER?................14 ATAS100 M ..................

  • Page 3

    ..................42 METER INTERPRETATION UP/DOWN ..................43 BAND SWITCHING V/U MESFET ................43 AMP ADJUSTMENT ......................44 AESU ONTACTS...

  • Page 4: Menu Settings Overview

    Menu settings overview Nr. Function Default Opt. 1 Opt. 2 Opt. Opt. 4 Opt. Remarks Dial Pulse tuning rate Beep key and buttons on Scan Mode scan restart tinE StoP buSy tinE Scan Speed dwell time 10 ms Resume hold time seconds DW-time polling interval...

  • Page 5

    40 HF RPT 10m shift 10MHz SHIFT 41 50 RPT 6m shift 10MHz SHIFT 42 144 RPT 2m shift 10MHz SHIFT 43 430 RPT 440 shift 10MHz SHIFT 44 144M ARS auto shift on-off 45 430M ARS auto shift on-off 46 Keyer Type keyer or paddle 47 Dot Size...

  • Page 6

    F03 HF RX IF G F04 50 RX IF G F05 144 RX IF G F06 430 RX IF G F07 S FULL SCALE F08 SSB SQL F09 FM N SQL F10 FM RF SQL F11 HF IC ALC F12 V/UHFIC ALC F13 HF PO 10W F14 HF PO 50W F15 HF PO 100W...

  • Page 7

    F55 blank F56 blank F57 DESTINA HF USA < JPN,JAIA, STD,EU,FRAN,BEL, GER,USA,AUS,UT F58 DESTINA V/U USA < JPN,USA, EU1,EU2,EU3,EU4, F59 blank...

  • Page 8: At-11mp Autotuner

    17 when using it, just as with non-processed operation. The PROcessor control is simply a second MIC gain control which over-rides the MIC gain control setting whenever you enable the PROcessor. The FT-100(D) actually does not allow you to vary the compression percentage.

  • Page 9: Atas-100 Autotuning

    ATAS-100 Autotuning The tuning behavior of the ATAS can cause confusion unless you understand the algorithm it follows to find a good position. Normally, if the ATAS is installed correctly and it successfully autotunes itself, it will always go in the correct direction when you press in the TUN button for 1/2 second once it has found its first good match.

  • Page 10

    ATAS-100 Disassembly...

  • Page 14: What's In There

    Disclaimer: The following procedures can possibly void your warranty. WHAT'S IN THERE? (And a little on how it works) The stainless steel whip is mounted on top of a loading coil (under the rubber boot). The coil consists of copper wire wound around a "grooved" fiberglass rod. Part of the reason the antenna is guaranteed to work on 40,20,15 and 10m HF bands but not on 12,17 and 30m is that the spacing on the coil is wider at the resonant points on the coil on the "primary"...

  • Page 15: How Do I Take It Apart

    in. This base assembly is secured with pins and would be hard to dissemble without damaging. Inside this is an RF choke coil (I'm not sure if it is air wound or on a torrid) that makes this whole antenna DC grounded. This protects the radio from damage from whip contact with power sources, static build up, etc.

  • Page 16: Atas-1/atas-2 Settings

    Although there is no information available on the Yaesu website about the ATBK100, this US$90 kit is supposed to supply a ground plane for the 50 MHz, 144 MHz, and 430 MHz bands. One owner responded that he was able to get the antenna to work on other HF bands by adding two 20' lengths of wire to the ATBK100 to act as a counterpoise.

  • Page 17: Cwid With Arts

    The images to help explain this better are shown here. Yaesu FT-100D Band Data Output map H=4.4 vdc L=0 vdc Band 1.8 CTCSS and memory functions Storing CTCSS frequencies in memory along with frequencies is a bit tricky.

  • Page 18: Duplexers

    must show ENC for the CTCSS tone to go into memory. If the main display does not show ENC when the frequency is put into memory, the CTCSS setting is not stored. Duplexers The ATAS100 is designed to tune on all the bands on which the radio transmits including 2m and 70cm.

  • Page 19

    cable wrapped several times around the ferrite to block common mode current from getting back into the rig. Ten meters seems particularly prone to the problem. Changing the feedline length has also helped in some cases, but this seems to move the problem around more than solving it at the root cause.

  • Page 20

    After the factory mod...

  • Page 21: Thermal Modification

    MHz or higher. Yaesu will fix this by mounting a thermal switch that bypasses the electronic fan control circuit. The thermal mod is done on an 'as requested' basis since Yaesu feels that keeping the fans off in V/U receive poses no threat of overheating the radio.

  • Page 22

    Prior to modification...

  • Page 23

    Prior to modification...

  • Page 24

    After modification...

  • Page 25: Fc-20 Autotuner

    FC-20 Autotuner The FC-20 auto tuner is available as an accessory for the FT-100. The FC-20 was designed specifically for the FT-847 and FT-100 and is intimately mated to them. The FC-20 is capable of matching a SWR up to 3 to 1. It features 100 memories that memorize your favorite frequencies so that when you return to them, the unit can "instantly"...

  • Page 26: Firmware Upgrades

    Millenium QSYer that can be used to enter frequencies from an external keypad. The cost is US$70 for the kit or US$95 for the assembled and tested unit. It can also be used with the Yaesu FT817 and Icom IC706 mobile radios. For details and ordering see Manual Revisions The manual revision can be determined by the part number of the manual.

  • Page 27: Memory Programming

    .pdf and you will find resolution of the schematics is not high enough to be usable. It is highly recommended that if you lost your manual or bought a used radio without one, that you contact Yaesu Parts and purchase a new one.

  • Page 28: Mic Adapter

    Here's what you need to know: The up/down/PTT switches are all connected to the SW1 line on the FT100 microphone jack. Different resistor values address different buttons: The pin-out on the FT-100 / 90 / 8100 Mic jack is as follows:...

  • Page 29: Mic Buttons

    The circuit below gives you PTT, UP, DOWN, ACC, P, P1, and P. Don't forget that you can program the functions of P, P1 and P2 on the FT-100: When you try to use various mics with the FT-100D you may find that you have muffled or very low apparent audio drive level.

  • Page 30: Microphone Modification

    The FT-100 can be modified to transmit on frequencies outside the amateur bands. This modification opens the Yaesu FT-100 for full transmit on the HF, VHF, UHF bands. The mod works for both the FT100 and FT100D. It will not allow you to transmit on the 220 Mhz band.

  • Page 31

    • The modification is complete. Turn the radio off and back on to continue. • RX & TX: 1.8MHz-30MHz, 50MHz-54MHz, 140MHz-174MHz, 420MHz- 470MHz. The following Yaesu document also explains an out-of-band modification:...

  • Page 32: Output Power (measured In And Out Of Band)

    Output power (measured in and out of band) Frequency 100% dBm W dBm W dBm W 43.3 21.4 39.3 8.5 33.5 2.2 30.8 1.2 47.1 51.3 43.2 20.9 37.4 5.5 35.2 3.3 49.7 93.3 45.1 32.4 42.5 17.8 35.0 3.2 50.0 100.0 45.3 33.9 38.1 6.5 35.0 3.2...

  • Page 33

    24.9 50.0 100.0 45.3 33.9 38.1 6.5 35.0 3.2 50.0 100.0 45.4 34.7 38.1 6.5 35.0 3.2 18.15 50.0 100.0 45.3 33.9 38.1 6.5 35.0 3.2 50.0 100.0 45.3 33.9 38.1 6.5 35.1 3.2 10.1 49.9 97.7 45.2 33.1 38.0 6.3 35.0 3.2 49.8 95.5 45.2 33.1 38.0 6.3 34.9 3.1 ** Measured with HP432 + Narda 40dB attenuator...

  • Page 34

    Frequency Frequency Watts Frequency...

  • Page 35: Power Connectors/line Filters

    Power Connectors/Line Filters An excellent source for power connectors can be found at They carry the OEM connectors and shells for the FT100 (and other rigs) as well as the Anderson Powerpole connectors which allows you to make up cables so that it's easier to interchange different brands of radios with various power supplies.

  • Page 36

    • Buscommco fully assembled interface $50 configured for FT100 The cable for the DATA jack is the CT39 and costs U.S.$10 from Yaesu. Jon, WA2NKF, put together a diagram on how to interface a soundcard to the FT100 using the CT39 or other 6-pin DIN connector.

  • Page 38: Problems With Ft100 Radios

    Several owners of the early FT100 radios experienced failures of the V/U output transistor. The word from Yaesu was that solder flux left on the board was to blame. Another common issue is related to the Intermittent High SWR ICON problem discussed elsewhere in this document.

  • Page 39: Transmit Problems On 80/160m

    the corner of the hood which puts it about as close as possible to the driver. Here are the results of my RF field strength measurements using a Haladay HI3004 RF field strength meter when running a 100W FM signal as measured in the front seat near the driver's head: Band Field strength...

  • Page 40

    • Next, to get into the alignment mode, turn the radio off, now press the [A], [B], and [C] keys, and hold them in while you turn the radio on. Now press and hold the [FUNC] key, as you normally would to get into the Menu. You'll find that the Menu is now different.

  • Page 41: Satellite Operations

    1 S unit high 1 S unit high S9+20dB -53 S9+13dB 7 dB high S9+40dB -33 S9+26dB 14 dB high S9+60dB -13 S9+35dB 25 dB high S Meter accuracy Actual Level Displayed Level -100 -110 -120 -100 -110 -120 Reference Receive Signal Level (dBm) Satellite Operations Although the FT100 is not designed for use with satellites, several owners have reported moderate success in working satellites with it, namely AO27, RS13, FO20/29, SO35,...

  • Page 42: Separation Kit (ysk100)

    Example: 9D051234 = 1999, February (second month, or "D"), Production Run 05, unit #1234 in this run. (Apparently Yaesu does not use the letters A or B as a letter in the second position, hence the first month, January, would be a 'C', February is a 'D', etc..) Some members have reported that they are receiving models beginning with 9D at late as February, 2000 while others are getting units with serial numbers beginning with 9I.

  • Page 43: Squelch Settings For Fm And Ssb

    There are no programs currently available to store the FT100 memory settings remotely because Yaesu did not leave any provisions in the rig for uploading or downloading memory locations. There was a rumor that RT systems was working on a version of ADMS software to provide this capability but they have confirmed that this is not true.

  • Page 44: Up/down Band Switching

    V/U MESFET pre-amp adjustment When the FT-100 is in receive mode on VHF or UHF, now and then the squelch may 'splatter'. To clarify, what happens is this: •...

  • Page 45: Y Aesu C Ontacts

    Yaesu Contacts Here is the new contact information for Yaesu as of April, 2002: VERTEX STANDARD US HEADQUARTERS 10900 Walker Street Cypress, CA 90630 Phone: 714-827-7600 Fax: 714-827-8100 EMAIL ADDRESSES: Amateur Sales: Amateur Tech Support: Amateur Customer Service: Parts:

  • Page 46

    FT100 menu settings Entry Set to Description Remarks...

  • Page 47

    FT100 menu settings Entry Set to Description Remarks...

  • Page 48

    FT100 menu settings Entry Set to Description Remarks...

  • Page 49

    FT100 menu settings Entry Set to Description Remarks...

  • Page 50

    FT100 menu settings Entry Set to Description Remarks...

  • Page 51

    Frequency list Freq. Mode Memory Description...

  • Page 52

    Frequency list Freq. Mode Memory Description...

  • Page 53

    Frequency list Freq. Mode Memory Description...

  • Page 54

    Frequency list Freq. Mode Memory Description...

  • Page 55

    Frequency list Freq. Mode Memory Description...

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