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3-8 SP-HoLd
Sub Meter Peak Hold - Enables/disables the peak-
hold feature for the Sub-VFO meter, and selects the
display bar/segment persistence (delay time) from 10
~ 2000 msec.
3-9 (Not Used)
4-0 rF out
RF Power Output Range - Selects a maximum
RF power output limit of 200W, 75W, or 10W.
4-1 bEEP
Key & Panel Beeper - Enables/disables the beep
that sounds when a front panel key or button is pressed.
4-2 bEEP-F
Beep Frequency - Adjusts the front panel key &
button beep pitch from 220 ~ 7040 Hz. By turning the
SUB VFO-B knob slightly so that "bEEP-tun" appears,
a constant pitch matches the displayed pitch, which is
adjusted using the MAIN VFO-A knob. This can be
useful for making adjustments requiring an audio ref-
erence tone.
Note - beep volume can be adjusted via the hole
on the bottom case of the transceiver. Insert a small
insulated screwdriver and slowly turn the trimmer for
the desired volume.
4-3 tun-drv
Tune-up Drive Power - Selects a maximum out-
put power limit of 10, 75, or 200 W for driving the input
circuit of an external linear RF amplifier while tuning
(while using the Remote Control function).
4-4 tr-EdSP
Transmit Audio EDSP - Disables or selects one of
four available EDSP equalization techniques for trans-
mitted microphone audio. This allows you to select an
audio response which best matches your voice, allow-
ing the transmitter's available power to be focused must
effectively, thereby maximizing the useful power out-
put from the MARK-V FT-1000MP.
The available selections are:
OFF:This function is disabled.
Mid- and high-frequency components are en-
hanced with this setting.
A high-emphasis response is produced, ideal
for pile-up or contest work.
Both low- and high-frequency components are
A wide bandpass response is produced, emu-
lating a "broadcast" microphone audio sound.
4-5 (not Used)
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
Menu Selection and Settings
4-6 dvS-rEc
DVS Record VFO - Selects the Main receiver or
the Sub receiver as the receive audio source to record
from, when using the optional DVS-2 (Digital Voice
4-7 dvS-Ptt
DVS-2 PTT - Enables/disables transmitter PTT con-
trol from the DVS-2 unit.
4-8 HEAdPHon
Headphone Mode - Selects one of three audio mix-
ing modes for use with headphones:
Mono - Audio from both the Main and Sub receiv-
ers is combined and heard equally in both ears.
Stereo 1 - Audio from both the Main and Sub re-
ceivers can be heard in each ear, but SUB VFO
audio is attenuated in the left ear and MAIN VFO
audio is attenuated in the right.
Stereo 2 - Audio from MAIN VFO-A is heard only in
the left ear and SUB VFO-B in the right.
Note: Both VFOs must be activated by the [ DUAL ]
button on the front panel, and the main and sub audio
must be balanced using the AF GAIN and SUB AF
controls, to experience this feature.
4-9 AF GAin
AF GAIN Control - Provides setup of the AF GAIN
and SUB AF front panel controls:
Balance - The audio level for both VFOs is adjusted
by the AF GAIN control, while the SUB AF control
adjusts the balance.
Separate - The audio level for each VFO is adjusted
separately (AF GAIN control for Main receiver's
volume, SUB AF control for Sub receiver's volume).
5-0 SSb nor
SSB Normal Filters - Selects the SSB filters used
when the front-panel [ NOR ] switch is selected (while
in the SSB mode).
8.2 - Sets the 2nd IF filter to "through," and the 3rd
IF filter to "2.4 kHz."
455 - Sets the 2nd IF filter to "2.4 kHz," and the 3rd
IF filter to "6.0 kHz."
8.2-455 - Sets the 2nd IF filter to "through," and 3rd
IF filter to "6.0 kHz."
oFF - Sets the 2nd IF filter and 3rd IF filter to "2.4
5-1 8.2-2.0
2nd IF 2.0 kHz Filter - Enables/disables the op-
tional 2.0 kHz IF filter (Yaesu P/N YF-114SN).
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