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Menu Selection and Settings
7-9 rc-Func
Remote Control Function - Selects the active fea-
ture for remote control operation.
Note - Remote control operation requires a FH-1
Remote Control Keypad for operation; see the descrip-
tion and charts on pages 76 ~ 79 for details of opera-
Keyer - Activates the contest keyer operation.
Function Keys - Emulate front panel Memory Con-
trol keys.
VFO-A - Enables direct-frequency input to VFO-A
by emulating the front panel keypad keys.
VFO-B - Enables direct-frequency input to VFO-B
by emulating the front panel keypad keys.
If you wish to exercise remote control of the VL-
1000 Linear Amplifier from the MARK-V FT-1000MP,
this menu must be set to "Keyer."
8-0 FASt-SEt
FAST Button Operation - Selects front-panel
[ FAST ] button actuation:
Momentary - Press and hold to engage fast tuning.
Continuous - Toggle on/toggle off fast tuning.
8-1 Lock-SEL
LOCK Button Operation - Sets up the panel "Lock"
Dial - Locks MAIN VFO-A knob only.
Panel - Locks front panel buttons & keys (refer to
drawing below).
Primary - locks front panel primary function keys
(refer to drawing below).
Panel Lock
When the Main VFO ( A ) [ LOCK ] button is pressed, all controls
within the shaded area (except VRF and IDBT switches).
When the Sub VFO (B) [ LOCK ] button is pressed, only the SUB
VFO Tuning knob.
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8-2 SPLt-SEt
Split Mode Operation - Select one of three split
operating modes:
Normal - In this mode, pressing SUB VFO-B ( TX )
Switch-LED activates SUB VFO-B for transmission.
Other settings (such as mode and frequency) must
be manually set for the Sub VFO.
Auto - When the SUB VFO-B ( TX ) Switch/LED is
pressed, SUB VFO-B is enabled for transmit, and
the selected operating mode from MAIN VFO-A is
automatically copied into SUB VFO-B.
A=B - Same as Auto mode above; however, a pre-
set frequency offset is applied to SUB VFO-B for
transmission (see menu selection 1-6: Quick Split).
8-3 PA-cnt
Power Amplifier - Enable/Disable the Power Am-
plifier. When you are using a transverter, select this
menu to "PA off."
8-4 FrontEnd
Receiver Front-End RF Amplifier - Selects the de-
sired receiver front-end amplifier configuration:
Flat - A broadband amplifier with flat response.
Tuned - A separate tuned amplifier for the low and
high bands.
8-5 Ant-SEL
Antenna Selection - Sets up the rear-panel an-
tenna jack switching:
AUTO - Antenna selections are automatically cop-
ied along with other operating parameters during
memory programming.
ON - Enables the front panel [ ANT ] switch.
OFF - Disables the front panel [ ANT ] switch (only
ANT-A is therefore available).
Primary Lock
When the Main VFO ( A ) [ LOCK ] button is pressed, only the MAIN
VFO Tuning knob.
When the Sub VFO (B) [ LOCK ] button is pressed, all controls within
the shaded area.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual



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