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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: Using Headphones For Dual Receive

Hf transceiver.
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Balance - The AF GAIN knob adjusts the volume
for both the Main and Sub VFOs simultaneously. The
small SUB AF now functions as a "balance" control
between Main and Sub audio levels.
Note - To "reverse" Main and Sub receiver audio at
any time, press the [ AF REV ] button just to the left of
the DOWN ( q ) /UP ( p ) keys so its LED lights. The func-
tions of the AF GAIN and small SUB AF controls are
now switched. Press the button again to return to nor-
mal operation.
Remember that when the Sub VFO is turned off by
pressing [ DUAL ] again, the AF GAIN control configu-
rations no longer apply.

Using Headphones for Dual Receive

To take advantage of dual reception, you will want
to connect stereo headphones to the PHONES jack.
Like the AF GAIN control, headphone audio mixing can
also be configured as desired from menu selection 4-8 .
Three audio mixing schemes are selectable as follows:
Mono - Audio from both the Main and Sub receiver
is combined equally in both ears (as from the loud-
speaker when headphones are not used).
Stereo 1 - This is a combination of the audio from
the two receivers and it gives you some audio from
each channel in each ear, but with the Main receiver
emphasized in the left ear, and the Sub receiver em-
phasized in the right ear, resulting in a kind of "3-D"
spatial audio effect.
Stereo 2 - Audio from the Main receiver is only heard
in the left ear, and audio from the Sub receiver is heard
only in the right ear.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
Note that both the Main and Sub VFOs must be
activated (to put the MARK-V FT-1000MP into the dual
receive mode), and the AF GAIN control(s) must be
balanced (centered) to hear both receivers. Compare
these two positions with both VFOs tuned to signals,
to select the audio mixing scheme you prefer.
Also observe that the VRF, EDSP, RF GAIN, SHIFT,
WIDTH, NOTCH, and AGC functions do not affect the
sub receiver (AGC is automatically selected according
to mode, or else from menu selection 8-7 ).
Headphone Audio Adjustments
The Main and Sub receiver audio levels available
from headphone jacks A and B are manually adjust-
able. Underneath the top panel access cover are four
trimpots allowing individual adjustment of Main and Sub
audio for each headphone jack. With a headphone in-
serted into the appropriate jack, you can rotate these
controls using a small insulated screwdriver for opti-
mum level and balance. Refer to the drawing below for
trimpot locations.
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