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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: General Setup; Preliminary Inspection; Power Connections; Transceiver Location

Hf transceiver.
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Inspect the transceiver upon opening the packing
carton. Check that all controls and switches work freely,
and inspect the cabinet for any damage. Ensure the
accessory fuses and plugs pictured on page 4 are in-
cluded. If any damage is found, document it completely,
and contact the shipping company (or dealer, if you
purchased it over-the-counter) right away. Save the
packing materials in case you need to return the set
for service. If you have purchased optional internal
accessories separately, install them as described on
page 112.
The MARK-V FT-1000MP is designed to be used
in conjunction with the supplied FP-29 Dual-Voltage
Power Supply. Connect the Power Cable from the FP-
29 to the DC IN Jack on the rear panel of the trans-
Note that other manufacturers may use the same
type of DC power connections as does your MARK-V
FT-1000MP transceiver, but the wiring configuration of
the other manufacturer's plug almost certainly will be
different from that specified for your transceiver. Seri-
ous damage can be caused if improper DC connec-
tions are made.
Changing the AC Input Voltage Selector Switch on the FP-29 (U.S.A. Users only)
r Before changing the Voltage Selector Switch, dis-
connect the FP-29's AC Power Cable from the AC
line outlet, then wait 10 minutes to allow the power
supply's electrolytic capacitors to discharge (elec-
trical shock hazard!).
r Locate the Voltage Selector Switch on the bottom
case of the FP-29; remove the protective clear cover
and its nylon rivets from the case.
r Move the Voltage Selector Switch to the appropri-
ate mains voltage for your country (either 230 V or
115 V).
r Change the fuse in the fuse holder on the rear panel
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
To assure long life of the components, a primary
consideration in setting up the MARK-V FT-1000MP
is providing for adequate ventilation around the cabi-
net. The cooling system of the MARK-V FT-1000MP
must be free to draw cool air in at the lower rear of the
transceiver, and to expel warm air out of the upper rear
panel. Do not place the transceiver on top of another
heat-generating device such as a linear amplifier, and
do not place equipment, books or papers on top of the
transceiver. Also, provide a few centimeters of space
on either side of the transceiver, if possible. Avoid heat-
ing vents and window locations that could expose the
transceiver to excessive direct sunlight, especially in
hot climates.
For protection from electrical shock, and to ensure
proper performance, connect the GND terminal on the
rear panel to a good earth ground, using a heavy
braided cable of the shortest length possible. All other
station equipment should be connected to the same
grounding cable, as close together as practical. If you
use a computer with or near the MARK-V FT-1000MP,
you may need to experiment with ground wiring to sup-
press computer noise in the receiver, and ground loops
during transmission.
DC Power Cable ( Supplied with FP-29 )
of the FP-29, as indicated below. Do not use slow-
blow type fuses.
AC Mains Voltage
100 ~ 120 V
200 ~ 240 V
Also, change the voltage marking on the label on
the rear panel of the FP-29 to match the new volt-
age setting.
r Replace the protective clear cover and its nylon riv-
ets. This completes the voltage change procedure.
Warning: Our Warranty does not cover damage
caused by improper supply voltage nor use of an
improper fuse.
AC Fuse Rating
10 A
6 A
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