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6-5 PAc-tonE
Packet Tones - Selects one of four available packet
tone pairs (1070/1270Hz, 1600/1800Hz, 2025/2125Hz
or 2110/2130Hz). The frequency displayed is actually
the center frequency of the selected tone pair. See the
table on page 15.
Important Note! - If changing the packet tone pair
to other than 2025/2225 Hz, be sure to re-calibrate the
tuning meter as outlined on page 85. The calibration
routine is simple, and ensures your center tuning indi-
cation matches the tone pair.
6-6 (Not Used)
6-7 ctcSS
CTCSS Repeater Tone - Selects one of 33 CTCSS
(Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) tones to
be transmitted to access repeaters that require them.
By default, 88.5 Hz is enabled.

6-8 tonE SEt

Repeater Tone Setting - Selects continuous
(CTCSS) tone or burst tone mode for FM repeater
6-9 rPt-SHFt
Repeater Shift - Selects the desired TX frequency
offset (shift) from the displayed Rx frequency to ac-
cess repeaters. Standard shift is 100 kHz for 29-MHz
FM repeaters.
7-0 kEYEr
Keyer Mode Selection - Selects the desired keyer
emulation mode for the built-in electronic keyer:
IAMBIC 1 - Iambic keyer with ACS (Automatic
Character Spacing) disabled. Weighting is user-se-
lectable via menu selections 7-1 and 7-2 .
BUG - Mechanical "bug" keyer emulation. One
paddle produces "dits" automatically, while the other
paddle manually produces "dahs."
IAMBIC 2 - Iambic keyer with ACS enabled. Weight-
ing is set via menu selections 7-1 and 7-2 .
7-1 kYr-dot
CW "Dot" Weighting - Adjusts dot character weight
from 1 ~ 127 (10 by default, the same size as a "space"
within a letter).
7-2 kYr-dSH
CW "Dash" Weighting - Adjusts dash character
weight from 1 ~ 127 (30 by default, three times the
length of a dot).
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
Menu Selection and Settings
7-3 cntSt-no
Contest Keyer ID - Enters the initial 4-digit num-
ber that will increment/decrement after sending during
contest QSOs.
7-4 bk-in ti
Break-In Time Delay - Selects the time delay from
0 ~ 30 ms (5 ms default) between when the PTT is
keyed and the carrier is transmitted during QSK op-
7-5 kYr-dLY
Keyer Delay - Selects the time delay from 0.00 ~
5.10 seconds (0.00 secs. by default) during which the
transmitter remains keyed after you stop sending.
Short-cut: Press & hold [ FAST ] & press [ BK-IN ] .
7-6 A1-StYLE
CW Playback Style (for Contest Number) - Deter-
mines the "Cut" number format playback for the CW
Contest Number (see menu selection 7-3). The se-
lected number will be played back in "Cut" format (see
the chart on page 77).
7-7 dSP-ndn
EDSP Enhanced Modulation & Demodulation -
This processes received and transmitted audio at the
4th IF level (10.24 kHz) for enhanced band pass filter-
ing and audio response tailoring. If any setting except
"OFF" is selected, the EDSP Modulator or Demodula-
tor will be engaged, bypassing the analog modulator
or demodulator.
Four individual EDSP modes are selected with the
SUB VFO-B dial, while frequency response choices
are adjusted using the MAIN VFO-A dial:
SSB (Rx) - Selects 100 ~ 3100Hz, or 300 ~ 2800Hz
filter response, or OFF.
SSB (Tx) - Selects 100 ~ 3100 Hz, 150 ~ 3100 Hz,
200 ~ 3100 Hz, or 300 ~ 3100 Hz filter response, or
CW (Rx) - Selects 100 ~ 3100 Hz filter response, or
AM (Rx) - Selects 70 ~ 3800 Hz filter response, or
7-8 Sub-rcvr
Sub VFO Receiver - Enables or disables the SUB
VFO-B receiver from operation. If disabled, you can
temporarily turn on the Sub receiver by pressing
[ DUAL ] , or the SUB VFO-B RX button/LED.
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