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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: Remote Control Operation; Introduction; Contest Keyer Control; Iii. Main Vfo-a Control

Hf transceiver.
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Advanced Features
You can select and activate various transceiver func-
tions via the optional FH-1 Remote Control Keypad
(available from your Yaesu dealer) connected to the
REMOTE jack on the rear panel of the transceiver.
Four transceiver remote control features are avail-
able via menu selection 7-9 . Once the desired remote
control operating mode is selected, pressing a key
activates one of the functions available in that operat-
ing mode; the function activated by a key closure might
be a CW message playback, a contest number being
incremented upward, or a front panel function being
The four remote control features available are:
I. Contest Memory Keyer - The recording and play-
back of repetitive contest messages are accom-
plished via the keypad.
II. VFO/Memory Function Control - In this mode, the
remote control keypad duplicates the front panel
keys that relate to VFO/Memory selection and pro-
III.Main VFO-A Control - In this mode, the remote
control keypad duplicates the functions of the front
panel BAND keypad (keys "0" ~ "9"), plus
and [ ENT ] ) as applied to the Main VFO.
IV.Sub VFO B Control - Same as above, except key-
pad inputs are applied to the Sub VFO.
The features and programming techniques for the
remote control features are discussed below, begin-
ning with the contest memory keyer.
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I. C
memory keyer which includes a number of automated
features which reduce operator fatigue during long
hours of contest operating.
can be used to store your callsign and/or repetitive
messages like "CQ TEST DE <callsign>" or "TU QRZ
<callsign>." Additionally, a three- or four-digit contest
serial number "001, 002...." may be imbedded into the
first memory location for contest exchange use. The
contest number can be incremented/decremented
manually, reset to an arbitrary number (in the middle
of a contest), and can also be played back using "cut"
numbers ("5NN TT1, 5NN TT2..."), if desired.
ment may also be assisted, thanks to the momentary
[ TUNE ] key on the keypad. Via menu selection 4-3 , the
tune-up power output may be limited to a maximum of
50 or 10 Watts, instead of the usual 200 Watts, and
the [ TUNE ] then serves as a momentary (push and
hold) key which activates the transmitter and puts out
[ SUB ( CE )]
a carrier for tuning purposes.
of the contest memory keyer.
The MARK-V FT-1000MP includes a contest
The keyer offers six CW message memories that
Linear amplifier or external antenna tuner adjust-
Let's now look at the storage and recall capabilities
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual


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