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To limit scanning (or tuning) to within a particular
frequency range, you can use Programmed Memory
Scanning (PMS) provided with nine special-purpose
memories (P1 ~ P9). First, store the upper and lower
frequency limits of the range in a consecutive pair of
PMS memories (i.e., P1 & P2, P2 & P3, etc). For ex-
ample, P2 might contain the lower edge and P3 the
upper. Next recall the first memory of the pair that hold
the range you want to scan or tune, then nudge the
main VFO knob to activate memory tuning ("PRGM"
appears). Tuning and scanning are now within the lim-
its of the selected PMS memory pair, keeping opera-
tion inside this programmed range.
Example: Limit tuning and scanning to the 17-m ama-
teur band's limits.
r Press [ VFO ( MEM )] as necessary, to display "VFO."
Tune to the low edge of the 17-m band: 18.068 MHz,
and select the desired mode (here, USB or CW).
r Rotate the VRF/MEM CH knob, and select memory
P1. Then (while "MCK" is still blinking) hold in the
[ A
M ] key for ½ second to write the VFO's fre-
quency into P1.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
Scanning Features
r Press [ VFO ( MEM )] to select the VFO, and now tune
to the high edge of the 17-m band (18.168 MHz).
Be sure that the operating mode has not changed.
r Rotate the VRF/MEM CH knob, then select memory
P2. Hold in the [ A
M ] key for ½ second to write
the VFO's frequency into P2.
r Now recall memory P1, and turn the tuning knob
slightly (to activate memory tuning).
Tuning and scanning are now limited to the 18.068-
to 18.168-MHz range until you press [ VFO ( MEM )] to
return to memory channel or VFO operation. During
PMS operation, you can also press (and hold in)
to copy the displayed frequency to a memory, or
to write the displayed frequency to a VFO.
Regarding the VRF/MEM CH Knob
When the VRF feature is engaged, the VRF/MEM
CH knob tunes the passband of the narrow input
"Preselector" filter. During Memory operation, to
enable memory channel selection, press the VRF/
MEM CH knob momentarily; rotation of the knob
will now allow you to select other memories.
P1 ~ P9
[ A
M ]
[ M
A ]
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