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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: Phone Patch Operation

Hf transceiver.
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Advanced Features
Phone patch operation allows linking your MARK-
V FT-1000MP to the public telephone line to provide
two-way simplex communications for MARS operation,
or on behalf of a third parties. The MARK-V FT-1000MP
may be used with the LL-7 phone patch unit installed
in the optional SP-8 external loudspeaker, or with phone
patch units from other manufacturers. The diagram at
the bottom of the page shows interconnection for the
SP-8/LL-7 combination; be sure to consult the docu-
mentation provided with units of other manufacture for
installation instructions.
Phone patch Tx/Rx switching may be done manu-
ally using the PTT method, or automatically using the
VOX circuit of the transceiver. While the PTT method
does not require balancing the bridge circuit in the LL-
7, it does require more work by the operator: switching
the microphone PTT or transceiver MOX button at each
"over" during patched conversations. Therefore, most
operators prefer to use the VOX method whenever the
telephone signal-to-noise level permits. If the telephone
noise level is high, however, the PTT method may still
be necessary, so you should become familiar with both
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you may need to instruct the person on the telephone
to speak slowly at a clear normal voice, and to say
"over" and then keep quiet when they expect a response
from the other radio station. This serves as a notice to
you (if you are using PTT control) to switch to receive
while signaling the other station to go ahead and trans-
mit, and will help avoid "doubling" with the other sta-
tor both sides of the conversation at all times (this may
be required by law). This requires a telephone at the
operating position.
tails on phone patch setup and operation.
You may need to contact your telephone company
for permission to connect another device to the
phone circuit. Also, you should use a proper 600
Ohm, three-way transformer if connecting the LL-
7 with a telephone set to the same phone line.
Regardless of which patch control method is used,
During all phone patch operation you should moni-
Refer to the LL-7 Instruction Sheet for further de-
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual


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