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The inner AF GAIN control adjusts the audio vol-
ume of the main receiver VFO in the speaker or head-
The outer RF GAIN control adjusts the receiver sig-
nal level in front of the main receiver 1st mixer (via PIN
diodes), and also the gain of the main receiver IF am-
It is normally set fully clockwise for maximum sen-
sitivity. When rotated counter-clockwise, the S-meter
minimum deflection point will move up the scale. The
peak deflection for a particular signal will remain the
same if it is greater than the level set by this control,
but the main receiver will be less sensitive to weaker
This control also affects the SQL setting for main
VFO-A, and should be preset fully clockwise when set-
ting the squelch threshold for the VFO or on a recalled
9.RF PWR Knob
This control adjusts the transmitter's output power
in all modes. The adjustment range is from approxi-
mately 5 to 200 watts, except in the AM mode, where
the permitted carrier level is about 5 to 50 watts. This
knob also controls the carrier level for CW transmis-
sion. In setting the output power, the ALC function of
the meter should always be monitored, to avoid
overdriving the transmitter final amplifier.
In the "Class A" SSB operating mode, the adjust-
ment range for power output will be between approxi-
mately 5 and 75 watts.
10.PROC Button
This button enables the RF speech processor for
SSB transmission. Processing level is set by the outer
control with the same name. While activated, the LED
in this button glows red.
11. MONI Button
This orange button enables the transmit (RF) moni-
tor in all modes (except CW, in which the monitor func-
tion is always on, to produce the sidetone). While acti-
vated, the LED in this button glows red.
12.SUB AF Knob
The SUB AF control adjusts the audio volume of
the sub receiver VFO in the speaker or headphones.
The AF GAIN control, located above, and this SUB
AF control can be rotated to adjust the relative bal-
ance of receiver audio between the two receiver chan-
nels during dual reception.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
13. MONI Knob
When activated by the [ MONI ] button (above), the
audio level of the transmit RF monitor during transmis-
sion (relative to the AF GAIN control) is adjusted by
this control.
14. SQL Knob
This control sets the signal level threshold at which
main VFO-A receiver audio is muted (and the green
"MAIN BUSY" display indicator turns off), in all modes.
This control is normally kept fully counter-clockwise,
except when scanning and during FM operation.
15. METER Selector Switches
These switches determine the function of the mul-
tifunction meter during transmission. The meanings of
the abbreviations are as follows:
Final amplifier collector current
(Amps) and Standing Wave Ratio
(forward: reflected).
ALC/COMP - Relative Automatic Level Control volt-
age and RF speech compressor level
(in dB, for SSB modes only).
Final amplifier collector voltage and
microphone gain input level.
The meter indicates power output and the selected
parameter during transmission, and signal strength in
S-units during reception (on the main receiver). Each
S-unit is approximately 6 dB.
16. ATT Selector Knob
This knob inserts 6, 12, or 18 dB (1, 2, or 3 S-units)
of attenuation before the mixer to suppress band noise
and reduce the possibility of overload from very strong
17. IPO Button
The Intercept Point Optimization button may be used
to set optimum receiver front end characteristics for a
strong environment. Selecting IPO bypasses the front
end RF amplifier and feeds the received signals di-
rectly to the first mixer.
18. ANT [ A/B RX ] Buttons
[ A/B ] - Pressing this selects either the ANT A or B
jack on the rear panel, and allows conve-
nient antenna switching at the press of a but-
ton. The selected antenna jack is also indi-
cated at the top of the display (above the
channel group number).
[ RX ] - Normally, the antenna connected to the ANT
A or B jack is used for receive (and always
used for transmitting). When this switch is
pressed (display indicator on), an antenna
connected to the RX ANT IN jack is used
during receive.
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