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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: Accessory Installation

Hf transceiver.
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If using an FL-7000, connect optional cable E-767
(P/N D4000019) from the transceiver BAND DATA jack
to the amplifier ACC-2 jack. This provides automatic
band selection for the linear, as well as QSK Tx/Rx
switching control. Turn on the FL-7000 rear panel ATT
switch to activate the 3 dB input RF power attenuator,
to pad the 200 Watt input power from the MARK-V FT-
If using another manufacturer's QSK linear, and if
its switching circuitry consumes less than 150 mA of
DC voltage below 40 V, you can connect the Tx/Rx
switching line for the linear to pin 2 ("TX GND") of the
BAND DATA jack (use pin 3 for ground), and the linear's
exciter-enable output to pin 8 ("TX INHIBIT") of the
BAND DATA jack. This line must be switched to ground
to enable transmission once the linear is ready for ex-
citation from the MARK-V FT-1000MP. If your QSK lin-
ear sinks more than 100 mA or uses more than 15 V
for T/R relay switching, you will have to provide a suit-
able external interface transistor, controlled by pin 2.
Be certain to make provision for suitable reduction of
the drive power from the MARK-V FT-1000MP, so as
not to damage your amplifier.
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The TX GND jack on the transceiver rear panel is
connected to an internal relay, for non-QSK T/R switch-
ing of linear amplifiers that use AC switching voltage,
or DC voltage greater than +15 V, negative DC voltage
of any kind (such as the Heath
els), or if they are required to sink more than 100 mA
for T/R switching. A schematic diagram of the relay
circuit is provided below. If not using your linear ampli-
fier in a full break-in environment, the use of this relay
for amplifier switching is highly recommended.
This relay comes disabled (rear-panel LIN set to
"OFF") to avoid the clicking sound when the transceiver
is used alone or with a QSK linear. To enable the relay
for non-QSK linears that exceed the above T/R switch-
ing requirements, you will need to move the LIN switch,
located in the hole near the center of the rear panel, to
its right position (see the drawing). Use a thin, insu-
lated, sharp object to move the switch. Then connect
the center contact of the TX GND jack to the positive
relay-control line to your linear, and the outer contact
to the "common" line or the linear's chassis ground.
Refer to the diagram at the next page; in this example,
a older non-QSK amplifier (FL-2100B) is shown.
With the relay now enabled, the MARK-V FT-
1000MP can support non-QSK linear T/R switching
voltages up to 100 VAC @ 500 mA, or DC voltage up
to 60 V @ 200 mA, or closed-circuit current up to 1 A
with DC voltage up to 30 V.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
SB-220/SB-221 mod-


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