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0-8 Auto-uP
Auto Channel Up - When programming memo-
ries from the VFO, this feature automatically increments
selection to the next higher memory channel. This al-
lows programming sequential memories more easily
(you don't have to manually select the next memory to
be written). This also prevents inadvertently overwrit-
ing stored memories.
0-9 EdSP
EDSP on/off - Enables/Disables the EDSP feature.
This parameter should always be set to "On" unless
you have a compelling reason not to use the EDSP
1-0 diAL-SPd
VFO A & B Dial FAST Tuning Rate - Selects x2 or
x4 tuning when the [ FAST ] button is pressed.
1-1 SJ-SPEEd
Shuttle Jog Encoder Speed - Selects the encoder
pulse duration from 1 ~ 100 msec (in 1 msec steps).
1-2 SFt-StEP
IF SHIFT/WIDTH Control Tuning Step Size - Se-
lects 10 or 20-Hz step size. Total knob tuning range is
62 encoder steps (with 20-Hz step size the shift range
is double that with 10-Hz).
1-3 A-StEP
MAIN VFO-A Tuning Step Size - Selects 0.625 Hz,
1.25 Hz, 2.5 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, or 20 Hz tuning steps.
1-4 b-StEP
SUB VFO-B Tuning Step Size - Selects 0.625 Hz,
1.25 Hz, 2.5 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, or 20 Hz tuning steps.
1-5 cH-StEP
VFO Channel Step Size - For the Channel Step-
ping feature, step size can be selected from 1 ~100
kHz (in 1-kHz increments).
1-6 q-SPLit
Quick Split Offset Tuning - Select a tuning offset
of up to ±100 kHz (in 1-kHz steps). See menu selection
8-2 : Split mode, A=B.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
Menu Selection and Settings
1-7 AutoFASt
Automatic Selecting of AGC recovery time -
When the front panel AGC selector is set to the "AUTO"
position and this feature is "ON," the AGC decay time
automatically is set to "FAST" during the following op-
erating situations:
¦ During scanning;
¦ In 250/500 Hz bandwidth; and
¦ When you turn the VFO Knob for more than ½-
1-8 cLAr-tun
Clarifier Tuning Offset - Enables/disables the off-
set tuning meter above the Main VFO frequency dis-
play. As the [ CLAR ] control is rotated and the TX or RX
frequency is offset, a single meter segment shifts to
show your relative offset from the original frequency.
1-9 cLAr-StP
Clarifier Tuning Step Size - Selects 0.625 Hz, 1.25
Hz, 2.5 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, or 20 Hz tuning steps used
with the RX and TX CLAR control.
2-0 Scn-PAuS
Scan Pause - Enables/disables pausing on activity
while scanning.
2-1 Scn rES
Scan Resume Mode - Selects one of three scan-
stop modes:
Carrier Stop - Scanning pauses on activity, resumes
when signal disappears.
Carrier Timed Stop - Scanning pauses on activity
for 5 seconds then resumes scanning for the next
station (whether signal remains or not).
Carrier Timed Slow - Scanning slows down for 5
seconds after detecting activity, then resumes to
normal scan rate.
2-2 (Not Used)
2-3 nScn-SPd
Memory Scan Speed - This sets the scan dwell
time, which is the time duration that the scanner
samples each memory channel. This duration can be
set from 100 ~ 1000 msec, in 10 msec steps.
2-4 dScn-SPd
Dial (VFO) Scan Speed - This sets the dwell time
that the scanner samples each VFO channel. This
duration can be set from 1 ~ 100 msec, in 1 msec
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