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Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual: Miscellaneous; Lithium Battery Replacement; Internal 13.8v Fuse Replacement

Hf transceiver.
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A 3-V Type CR2032 Lithium Battery (BT5001) is
located on the CNTL UNIT board (underside) of the
transceiver. This maintains the memorized data in your
radio. Battery life is normally greater than five years,
however, should replacement be needed, perform the
following steps:
With the top and bottom covers removed, note the
location of the battery. Using your finger, slide the bat-
tery inward (you will feel slight pressure by the mount-
ing spring), then slightly pry it up and outward so that it
ejects freely through the slots in the battery holder.
Carefully note battery polarity with the positive (+)
side facing upward, and battery-type information. In-
stall the replacement battery in the reverse manner.
The rear panel memory BACKUP switch is normally
kept in the "ON" position to ensure your memorized
data is maintained (by a small amount of power from
the lithium battery) when the radio is off, or the DC
power source is removed.
If you do not plan to operate your radio for ex-
tended periods of time, slide this switch to the
"OFF" position to conserve battery life.
Ensure the radio is on when sliding the switch
back to the "ON" position, as this reduces the
initial current demand on the battery by the
radio's circuits from an un-powered state.
Note: Memorized settings are lost and the radio
returns to factory default settings when turning off the
backup battery.
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly re-
placed. Replace only with the same or equivalent
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13.8V F
The rear panel +13.8V jack provides regulated,
separately fused 13.8 VDC at up to 200 mA, to power
external low-current devices. If your device requires
more current, use a separate power source. In the event
the internal fuse blows, it can be replaced. However,
this requires moderate transceiver disassembly.
r With the top cover removed, locate the two screws
mounting the fan assembly to the PA Unit heat sink.
r Remove the screws and move the fan assembly to
one side.
r Remove the remaining four heat sink screws and
lift the PA assembly from the chassis. You will need
to unplug the mini coax (with the yellow band) from
the RX ANT IN connector on the BPF UNIT.
r Remove the four screws from the PA Unit mount,
and remove the mount to expose the BPF UNIT,
and fuse labeled FH1001 (below).
r Using a pair of fuse pullers, remove the blown fuse
and replace only with a similar fast-blow type fuse
(0.5A maximum).
r Reassemble the PA UNIT mount, yellow-banded
coax cable, PA UNIT, and fan assembly in reverse
order, then replace the top cover.
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual


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